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Barclaycard Payment Solutions

Barclaycard Payment Solutions

Key Services

  • Benefits of supplying goods and services to overseas customers
  • List of currencies we process
  • Cross border service for accepting payments in different countries

Far-reaching benefits of partnering with an international acquirer

With our increasingly global economy, you could increase revenue by supplying goods and services to overseas customers. Whether you run a small online shop or a global retail chain, our integrated solutions allow you to accept payments and trade wherever your customers are.

You'll find it easier to:

   > Break into new markets, increasing profits by expanding overseas
   > Increase your customer base by offering them more choice
   > Make online sales round-the-clock to overseas customers
   > Offer international customers and tourists the chance to pay in their own currency with Dynamic Currency Conversion
   > Deal with just one acquirer for your card acquiring operations across Europe.

Barclaycard – trusted around the world

Barclaycard is one of Europe's largest and most experienced payment acceptance providers; you can be confident your business is in safe hands.

We offer you:

   > The chance to grow your business by taking a wide range of international currencies
   > A range of solutions that meet your particular business needs
   > Reduced transaction costs thanks to simplified international card processing procedures
   > Dedicated support from our highly experienced customer services team
   > Solutions developed with new and innovative technology
   > The latest fraud security measures to help protect your business and customers
   > Peace of mind – when you venture into new territory with an award winning and market-leading financial partner.

A service that's tailored and a price to match

Simplify your card acquiring processes by bringing them together with Barclaycard. By doing so, you'll no longer have to deal with different processors for each country you're trading in. So your business benefits from the convenience of a single contract and centralised relationship.

In order to offer you a competitive quote, we take into account:

   > the nature of your business
   > the number of transactions you process
   > the type of transaction
   > the country where you'd like to accept payments.

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