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MK Capital Allowances

MK Capital Allowances

Key Services

  • Specialist advice to recover tax savings on property improvement expenditure
  • Opportunities on property purchase, new build, fit out and refurbishments
  • Efficient methodology agreed with HMRC for multi-site operators

Tax Allowances Specialist for Leisure and Hospitality property owners and investors.

Are you aware valuable tax allowances are regularly lost on most capital improvement expenditure and fit out of new and existing hotel, restaurant and retail properties?  Typically this is because a survey for capital allowances purposes is essential to identify all allowances and there is usually limited construction cost information available to your accountant.

This is the reason many leisure and hotel groups retain the services of a capital allowances specialist with dual surveying and tax skill set and it is not uncommon for 80% of property fit out costs to be agreed as qualifying for tax relief with HMRC.

Furthermore, £200,000 of qualifying capital improvement expenditure each year on any commercial property attracts the Annual Investment Allowance (AIA).  "This measure is designed to encourage investment by providing a permanent generous incentive to invest in plant and machinery and giving certainty to businesses planning to invest." (Reference, www.gov.uk policy paper 8 July 2015).

MK Capital Allowances is a specialist RICS regulated firm who provide the detail and valuation for everything that can qualify for capital allowances on plant and machinery fixtures to be claimed and agreed with the tax authorities.

We work alongside your existing advisors and can help streamline the capital allowances process, particularly where multiple sites are planned.

Please contact Mark Hoskyns with any questions at mark.hoskyns@mkcapitalallowances.com


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