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Premier Software Solutions

Premier Software Solutions

For over two decades Premier has been at the centre of the spa and leisure industry. Providing professional solutions to independent and group establishments located all over the world.  

CORE by Premier gives you a 360-degree view of your Business, helping to build profitability and manage the day-to-day operation.

The flexible design and single database structure can be tailored to meet the requirements of standalone or Hotel groups.

Linking to the leading property management systems, CORE provides the best of breed in management for any Hotel with leisure, spa or wellness facilities.

CORE makes it easy to manage anything and everything related to your Business; including diaries, controlling inventories and administering memberships.

The software covers all Business areas from the front desk to back office operation, including call centre functionality for multi locations.

Key Features

Intelligent Appointment and Facility Scheduling

CRM and Prospecting

Point of Sale

Stock Control and Auditing (Inventory Control)

Membership Validation and Administration

Access Control

Intuitive Marketing and Profiling

Online Booking, Mobile & Tablet Apps

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