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Savoy Educational Trust

Savoy Educational Trust

The Savoy Educational Trust is an independent, grant giving charitable trust, whose main aim is to advance and develop education, training and qualifications within the hospitality industry.

The Trustees award grants for a wide variety of hospitality related projects to:

  > Educational establishments to enhance training and education facilities for their hospitality departments
  > Associations to support those initiatives that will make a real difference to the hospitality industry
  > Charitable organisations/social enterprises with specific hospitality related projects
  > Individuals studying hospitality

The Trustees consider that in fulfilling the main aim of the Savoy Educational Trust, namely the advancement and development of education, training and qualifications within the hospitality industry, they are investing in both the present and future skills needs of the industry.

This is also in keeping with the government's plans to help develop a modern further education system that contributes fully to the nation's vocational skills. In working with interested bodies and partners, the Trustees are striving to make a tangible difference and impact on the continuing development of an industry that is both labour intensive and which plays such a significant role in the UK economy.

The Trustees welcome genuine, serious applications for grants. They believe wholeheartedly in helping well thought-out, balanced projects that will, in the long-term, make a real difference and benefit the whole hospitality industry.


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