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STR Global

Key Services

  • Hotel Benchmarking – STAR report
  • Forecasting
  • Annual Profitability

We are industry leading data providers. Our commitment to clients is to provide confidential, reliable, accurate and actionable data to assist in strategic and operational decisions. Our years of experience have enabled us to define and create standardized reports. However, we understand that some requests require customization and our extensive data warehouse enables us to cut and aggregate data to meet your specific needs. The innovative way we store, manage and process data allows us to produce real-time reports, historical trends or recreate the industry at a given point in time.

Covering hotel markets worldwide, our data has proven invaluable to hoteliers and non-hoteliers alike by helping them make more informed decisions.

Hotel Owners and Operators benefit from our benchmarking capabilities. Our core product, the STAR Report, compares a hotel’s performance to its aggregated competitive set and the wider market. Additional reports are available which track and inform changes in market dynamics covering top-line performance, supply, demand, industry forecasts, profitability, and segmentation data.

The key benchmarking and revenue management tool STR Global provides is the STAR Report. It enables the hotelier to review the performance booked across all segments and booking channels by day, week and month. The STAR Report compares occupancy, average room rate and RevPAR for a hotel, a brand, a company against its chosen set of competitors. This enables the hotelier to establish how the market is trending and if the hotel, brand, company is gaining market share or if it is losing it.


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