Asset Management Programme

Course Overview:

Spaces Available for September 2021


The HOSPA Education Programme in Hospitality Asset Management provides the opportunity to learn more about this aspect of the sector.

The course offers three levels of study and successful completion of all three levels leads to Certified Associate Membership of HOSPA enabling members to use AHOSPA Cert (AM) in their business correspondence.


This award confirms that the member has the skills and knowledge to be a hospitality asset manager.

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Course Details: 

Duration: 18 months to complete all three levels of study

Cost: £820 + VAT per level

Entry Requirements: For all those seeking to learn more about hospitality asset management.  The first level is ideal as an introduction to the subject.  The second and third levels are for those wanting to pursue a career in Asset Management.

Start Date: 20th September 2021

HOSPA Revenue Management Programme

'We are excited to be developing this new course in Asset Management to enhance the range of courses on offer to all those working in commercial roles in the hospitality sector.’

Debra Adams, HOSPA Professional Development.

What will you study on the HOSPA Asset Management Programme?

The course is studied in 3 levels; each of which takes 5 months to complete. 

  • Level 1: Introduction to Asset Management (available September 2021)

  • Level 2: Operational Asset Management (available March 2022)

  • Level 3: Strategic Asset Management (available September 2022)

The first level is a general introduction, which seeks to explain the nature of the work and the skills required. Many employees meet with a hotel’s asset manager, but they are not always fully aware of their role. This introductory module sets out the areas an Asset Manager focuses on, the tools they use and the environment in which they work.

The second level is for those wanting to commence a career in Asset Management, or perhaps develop and further their already acquired hospitality skills. One of the advantages of Asset Management is that it recognises the benefits of skills in Revenue Management, Finance, Human Resources, Operations and Sales and Marketing, and others, and supplements these with additional knowledge and training to gain a 360 degree view of an operation. This level introduces more detail on how hospitality businesses are run, the decisions to be made on acquisition, some legal aspects of the job, such as understanding franchise and management agreements, and business monitoring.


The third area is the level dealing with strategy. Creating strategies, leading contract negotiations, involvement in financing, creating asset management plans and participating in buying and selling properties all form part of this level.

Please click on the Asset Management Syllabus button for a full description of the topics studied at each level.





Asset Management Programme - key benefits

  • Online course enabling you to study whilst working full time​

  • Access to e-libraries and tutor support​

  • Provides skills and knowledge to launch a career in asset management​

  • Leads to Certified Associate membership of HOSPA on completion enabling you to use the letters AHOSPA Cert (AM) ​


No formal qualifications are required to enrol.

We recognise the achievements of our students across all three levels of the course and each year HOSPA hosts the Awards Ceremony  where prizes are presented to the most successful learners of the year from the HOSPA education programmes. To learn more about who has studied with us and how their careers have developed, take a look at our Learner Profiles