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Tell: Beware Greenwashing

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Following the PLANET System will mean that you have now stirred the company into action, agreed on your Improvement Plan, enacted some elements of the plan, and thought about how to communicate with integrity and without greenwashing.


There are many ways and places to communicate your new business approach, but a good start is creating an annual Impact Report (variously called an Integrity/Sustainability/ESG Report). This should be done in the same way as you would publish a traditional Annual Report, and with the same degree of seriousness and authority.


* When we say “tell the story”, we don’t mean fanciful storytelling. This should be about initiatives that are well under way, and can show proven results.



Incorporating a Roadmap is a neat way of illustrating your journey. On just one page you can highlight your major achievements so far, plus show your future commitments – all in the form of milestones. If you have decided to align your sustainability plan with a Net Zero pathway, it is important here to add the specific (and measurable) reduction initiatives that will help you hit your 2030 and 2050 deadlines.

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