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Tech Impact: Creating a hotel of the
future through tech innovations

A webinar hosted by HOSPA and Ruckus, discussing the impact of technology on Operational Efficiencies in hotels, now and in the future.


Discussion topics will include:


  • How can technology innovations transform the hospitality industry and create a hotel of the future?

  • What are some specific tech innovations drive operational efficiencies?

  • In what ways can smart energy management systems and IoT sensors help hotels reduce energy consumption, lower utility costs and enhance sustainability efforts?

  • How can hotels utilise data analytics and predictive maintenance to proactively identify and address equipment issues, minimising downtime and maximising operational uptime?

Meet the speakers:

Miguel Fonseca, IT Manager, Royal Garden Hotel


Currently serving as IT Manager at the Royal Garden Hotel, he oversees complex projects, ensuring they meet demanding timelines and budgetary constraints. Miguel's career spans roles at prestigious establishments like The Lanesborough Hotel, underpinned by a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering. Beyond his professional achievements, Miguel is a passionate traveller, motorsports enthusiast and dedicated IT enthusiast.

Rob Sargeant, Hospitality Solutions at Ruckus

Rob Sargeant is a RUCKUS Hospitality Specialist in the UK&I. Rob has been with RUCKUS for over 2 years focusing on growth within the Hospitality space, spending time with partners and customers. Rob is passionate about providing technology solutions that enable digital transformation for hospitality organisations.

Webinar Hosted by:

Ruckus & HOSPA

Wednesday 27th September 2023


Webinar via Zoom

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