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arena4finance offers training, coaching and mentoring to help business managers to understand and interpret financial information. Through our courses and events, we help our learners to gain an improved insight into: 

  • understanding basic accounting principles 
  • how to interpret and use financial information to improve profitability 
  • planning and forecasting 
  • improving costing and pricing 
  • revenue management and data analysis 
  • asset management and investment strategies

We aim to equip our learners so they are able to make better business decisions, have the ability to interpret information and above all, to develop more profitable and efficient businesses. We do all of this by offering a range of open and bespoke training courses for businesses in the service sector. 

To support our learners we also offer support after training by providing access to a variety of resources online , this consists of online tutor support, bite sized learning content, links to external resources and more. Courses can be delivered on site or at a location to suit your business. We can also assist with accreditation, programme development and hosting online content using our secure learning management systems. 

Contact us for a chat – we can help you to achieve your business training objectives. Call +44 (0)1202 849691 or visit our website . Alternatively please  Email us for more information.

Cornell University SHA logo Cornell University

HOSPA is proud to partner with New York based Cornell University to offer members Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses. Cornell's School of Hotel Administration has a long reputation for providing world-class education and is considered to be the premier business school for hospitality professionals who wish to broaden their expertise.

Through an agreement with HOSPA, the Office of Executive Education is pleased to offer special pricing to HOSPA members for the Professional Development Program (PDP), General Managers Program (GMP) and Advanced Management Program (AMP). To apply for a program, please select the respective link below:

Professional Development Programme (PDP)
General Managers Program (GMP)
Advanced Management Program (AMP)

To receive the discount, simply select 'HOSPA' on the drop-down menu when asked if you qualify for special corporate pricing during the application process. 

For further information on pricing please click here or to view the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration interactive brochure, please click here.


HOSPA are partnering with training provider MBL on a wide range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD courses).

For over 10 years MBL have been delivering the latest updates and practical know-how training in compliance, law, finance and tax and are firmly established as leading learning & development providers for professional services firms.

MBL offer over 800 course topics across an expansive range of practice areas and through a variety of different mediums including:

  • Seminars: Delivered by industry experts and experienced presenters. MBL hold over 1,500 seminars each year in convenient locations across the UK. They are designed to keep you right up-to-date with all the latest developments in your area.
  • Webinars: A convenient and cost effective way to broaden your knowledge and to stay up-to-date with the latest developments such as case law or legislation in your area.
  • Conferences: Full day events chaired by an industry expert and featuring a panel of speakers known for their knowledge and expertise.

For more details, contact MBL on 0161 793 0984 or by email to

To browse their full range of courses visit the MBL website here.