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Advance your career in Hospitality Finance or Revenue Management with HOSPA

The HOSPA Education Programmes have been devised to provide an entry route to Associate Cert. membership status of HOSPA for members working in either the Financial Management or Revenue Management disciplines. The programmes provide a framework for developing the skills and knowledge needed at first line and middle management levels and have been developed by leading educators in the appropriate field of expertise in conjunction with hospitality industry experts for hospitality professionals.

Ideal as a stand-alone education programme or one that can sit alongside in-house training, our courses start at an introductorylevel and acknowledge the increasing significance of encouraging employees to not only obtain appropriate qualifications, but also to continue in full-time work - earning whilst learning.

Our study materials utilise both contemporary terminology and professional examples from the industry, together with a mix of work-based and academic assessments. This means that learners will be able to apply what they learn directly to their workplace.

Are you a Hospitality Management Graduate?

If you have graduated in Hospitality Management, you may be exempt from one or two levels of our programmes in Financial Management and Revenue Management. HOSPA also offers Introductory Membership for new Graduates of just £99 (+VAT) per annum.

View our graduate flyers and graduate presentation for more information on how our Education Programmes can kick-start your career in hospitality finance or revenue management:

Finance Management Graduate Information (860.1 KB) 

For more information, contact our Professional Development Team

T: +44 (0) 1202 889 430

HOSPA offers members a wealth of opportunities and resources, from our monthly magazine The Overview, to latest statistics, members meetings and networking opportunities.  There is also the opportunity to become part of a dedicated community in Finance, Revenue Management or IT.  

With HOSPA's dedication to helping you develop your career and providing national and international resources, membership is an investment in your future. We are pleased to now also offer students in full time education the very special rate of £50 (+ VAT) per annum. Just graduated? HOSPA has a special entry level of membership for new graduates of £99 (+VAT) per annum.

If you would like to know more, phone HOSPA Membership Services on 0203 418 8196 or view the flyer below. Alternatively, to join today, please visit:

We look forward to welcoming you!

Full-Time Student Offer (3.0 MB)

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