What Our Learners Say


Matthew Bennett, Financial Controller, Derbyshire Hotel, Countrywide Hotels (Jan 2018): "The HOSPA Financial Management course is one of the best things I have done and was definitely worth it.  The course tutors were fantastic and I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to progress in hospitality finance.  The course was a huge help in fully understanding the many different processes within the Finance Department, tailoring them to the hospitality sector.  This included many things such as forecasting techniques, the budget process, understanding KPI’s and ratio analysis to name but a few.  All of which were extremely important and the knowledge learned is used on a frequent basis.  The course explains not just in a way for you to understand but also gives you the knowledge to explain things to non-financial colleagues in ways that they understand, which is a huge benefit to the hotel as a whole so that they can understand the importance of decisions and relevance it has to the business.”

Kamila Lipnicka, Accounts Assistant, Radisson Blu Belfast:“As I have been working in finance for a relatively short period of time, I had quite limited knowledge and experience.  I knew the jobs and tasks I was doing on a daily basis but didn’t fully understand the overall processes. The HOSPA course helped me to gain the general knowledge of how the finances and accounts are managed in the hospitality industry, and helped me to understand the purpose of all the small tasks. Now I hope to gain an experience across the whole finance department.”

James Bland, Stock Controller & Accounts Assistant, The Cairn Hotel Group: "The course has given me the confidence in my own abilities and provided me with a range of skills and techniques which will allow me to further my career in accounts."

Begona Manzanero, Accounts Payable Supervisor, Hilton on Park Lane: "The completion of HOSPA as reinforced my professional development in many different ways.  Apart from refreshing the technical knowledge acquired from the degree I previously studied, I have also learned new key aspects of the hospitality industry which has helped not only in my day to day duties at work, but also to develop my strategic and decision-making skills."

Sam Willetts, Transaction Management Assistant, Jurys Inns: "The course has helped me to gain a greater understanding of finance at a property level, compared to Head Office level."

Ketan Bhakta, Cluster Accounts Management, Jurys Inns (Jan 2018): "The current HOSPA programme provides a good theoretical resource which compliments my current role. HOSPA provides the opportunity to see the theory behind the daily tasks conducted and the exposure to more high level tasks such as creating Income Statements, Statement of Financial Position, etc. This provides greater understanding to the industry and provides greater value on the daily tasks conducted as it is beneficial to the company. In addition, attaining a recognised qualification within the hospitality industry is favourable, as when progressing in the industry you can be recognised by experience and academically.”


Zena Carter, Revenue Manager, Farncombe Estate: “I am pulling ideas from the course that are helping input knowledge into my team as there are some great examples of why we need to do things a certain way and by seeing it in practice it helps with the understanding. Though my background is predominantly events and reservations, I am looking to use the added knowledge to look at the different areas on the estate and within each business to see how my skills can help develop each area.”

Henry Rouse, Revenue Manager, Hoseasons: "The course has enabled me to apply academic grounding, theory and background to concepts and issues that I come across every day, as well as providing industry proven and researched ideas and business solutions.  I've also encouraged two of myteam members to undertake the Revenue Management programme, and am acting as their in-house mentor."

Bethany Parker, Assistant Revenue Manager, Glasgow Cluster, Principal Hotels: “The HOSPA course has helped to develop my knowledge of Revenue Management and it has been really interesting learning the theory behind the practice.  I’ve learned lots of new theories, skills and techniques and look forward to implementing them into my day to day work.  Completing the course has definitely enhanced my skillset and developed my confidence in Revenue Management.”

Pankaj Khanna, Value Centre Manager, Thistle Barbican Hotel: "The detailed knowledge I got from the course on not only the Room Revenue side of the business but also on how important is to maintain your costs if you wish achieve the optimal profit will serve me well in future. I was unaware of the term GOPPAR & positive flow through the two very vital aspects if you wish to run a successful business.”

David Clancy, General Manager, Leonardo Edinburgh Capital Hotel (Jan 2018): "The course is designed to offer best practice and the work-based assessments definitely allow me to enhance my own revenue management decision-making across all the revenue generating outlets in my hotel. The knowledge and skills I have and am developing from participating in this course will assist in my day-to-day performance along with my career opportunities, and I am very grateful to the teaching and guidance offered by the team at HOSPA.

Sam Jennings, Key Markets Revenue Manager - South West for Whitbread Premier Inn (Jan 2018): "Having only recently entered the hospitality industry the course was a fantastic opportunity to synchronize my learning of the job role whilst utilising revenue management theory/principles learnt from HOSPA. The course has also helped me develop an understanding of areas I previously would have had little or no exposure within."

Now that I have completed the course I will continue to build on previous experiences and knowledge to further my development within revenue management and surrounding functions that we as a department regularly interact with. Ultimately I hope to eventually move towards a commercial revenue position.

Diane Little, Assistant Cluster Room Revenue Manager (Jan 2018): "The course has been a fantastic opportunity to gain industry specific training and ultimately a qualification related to my chosen career”.