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Continuing Professional Development can be defined as, 'a structured approach to maintaining knowledge, skills and qualifications for your professional career'

Completing CPD can be achieved in many different formats. It is not just limited to traditional courses or seminars. There are many types of learning which can be recognised as being relevant to the acquisition of knowledge including:

  • work based learning and development
  • in-house and external training courses
  • attendance at seminars, workshops and conferences
  • membership of relevant professional committees
  • part time teaching
  • skills developed as part of normal in-house activities
  • internet network groups

Keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in your profession is essential. Membership of HOSPA enables you to keep developing your professional knowledge in finance, revenue management and IT. To discuss how to use HOSPA's resources in your workplace to build a truly learning organisation contact Debra Adams, Head of Professional Development on +44 (0)1202 889430 or email debra.adams@hospa.org

 For details regarding our one day courses available from a range of providers visit https://www.hospa.org/events/events/

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