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In light of the recent attacks on Intercontinental Hotels Group, and of course, the NHS, there’s no better time for businesses to be checking their own defences. While the threat is huge, hotels can take some relatively simple measures to resolve security flaws and deter cyber criminals. The whitepaper provides hotels with the information they need to protect themselves.

Cardonet - The WhitePaper - Protecting Hotels from Cyber Attack (433.3 KB)

In a nutshell any business that uses a computer faces the possibility of being attacked which could have a massive financial impact and small business are the most vulnerable. Arthur J Gallagher offer their clients protection from such attacks, covering: Security and Privacy Liability; Crisis Management Costs; Data Recovery, Business Interruption and Dependent Business Interruption; Cyber Extortion; Multimedia Liability.

Arthur J. Gallagher - Cyber Attacks are on the rise - is your business protected? (201.5 KB)

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