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…for HOSPA Career Development Scholarship and Inspirational Leader Award nominations; as well as Springboard Charity Undergraduate Mentoring.

We need your help! It is our annual HOSPA Scholarship and Inspirational Leader Awards time and we need your nominations. We are also looking for more volunteer mentors for the Hospitality Undergraduate Mentoring Scheme, conducted by The Springboard Charity.

We are now inviting applications for our popular annual HOSPA Career, and Future Career, Investment Development Scholarships - kindly sponsored this year by IDeaS (See Page: 9). Ten HOSPA Career Investment Development Scholarships are available. Successful applicants will have an unrivalled opportunity to learn from, and be recognised by, senior members of the hospitality industry at HOSPACE 2017 on 2 November at the newly refurbished Royal Lancaster Hotel, London.

Toward this end, we are very pleased to announce: ‘Career Investment Development Scholarship’ opportunities for four upcoming young people, 30-years-old and under on 28 October 2017, working in hospitality finance, revenue management, marketing and IT. This is where you come in - please nominate your rising stars, and give them an unrivalled opportunity to boost their careers! 

As ever, we are also offering ‘Future Career Investment Development Scholarships’ for five aspiring final-year hospitality students, who have excelled in their current studies, and are planning to start their hospitality industry careers in Autumn 2018. So HOSPA Fellows and Members, who are course leaders, please nominate candidates for an unparalleled experience that will help shape their futures in this exciting industry we belong to.

We are delighted that once again HIT Scotland (Hospitality Industry Trust Scotland) is offering one HOSPA Career Development Scholarships of its own to Scotland’s talented 30-year-olds and under, studying or working in hospitality finance, revenue management, marketing and IT.

All 10 successful candidates will be notified before 20 October 2017. The nomination forms for Career Investment Development Scholarships and Future Career Investment Development Scholarships can be downloaded from: delegates/scholarships. 

Everything is shaping up nicely for HOSPACE 2017 so ensure you keep 2 November free in your diaries!

Back in April of this year, we ran a piece in The Overview about mentoring - offering HOSPA members the chance to “volunteer their experience to nurture the next generation of hospitality professionals.” We received an encouraging number of enquiries from potential mentors who we connected directly with The Springboard Charity. However, we still need more! Please do consider taking on this vitally important voluntary role.

There are many benefits - not least ‘giving back’ your hardearned experience and wisdom to the industry, and contributing to your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments. The mentoring programme supports hospitality undergraduates completing their academic studies and embarking on their career paths. As a mentor, you get a glimpse into what students are being taught and, most interestingly, how they view the outside world.

Many of us underestimate the value of our own experience and industry knowledge, so please don’t hold back. Just remember, the role is voluntary so all expenses are self-funded.

Offering access to mentor training and advice, The Springboard Charity welcomes mentors in the specialist HOSPA sectors of hospitality finance, revenue management, marketing and IT. You must be willing to commit to three years to support a mentee; meeting face-to-face with a student four times per year; and being available via telephone and email for the periods in between. 

For the undergraduate, the mentor’s input is often worth more than could ever be imagined. Hospitality students from selected UK Universities are matched to their industry mentor for a period of three years to support them in their studies and crucially beyond into their initial time in our industry. 

Don’t just take my word about the value of undergraduate mentoring, here is what two highly experienced and seasoned HOSPA mentors say about the programme. 

HOSPA Treasurer Justyn Herbert - Financial Controller, Luxury Hotel Partners - told me that “Mentoring has been very rewarding both professionally and personally. I enjoy seeing my mentees succeed! It is also feels good to be giving something back to the industry.”

Howard Field - a Founder of the Association and a lifetime achievement award winner in 2005 when HOSPA was known as BAHA - said that “Being a mentor on the programme enhances both your own status and that of HOSPA within the hospitality industry.”

If you are interested to find out more, then please get in touch. Mentors will need to be free to attend a half-day at one of the workshop dates, and a half-day at one of the matching dates for pairing mentors with mentees - to be held at The Royal Air Force Club in London’s Piccadilly. Workshops are scheduled for 25 October and 31 October. The matching dates will be 9 November and 20 November. Thankfully, neither of which will clash with your 2 November attendance at HOSPACE 2017!

Last but most certainly not least, we will be presenting our prestigious awards for Inspirational Leaders in Hospitality Finance, Revenue Management and IT - to be presented at the HOSPACE 2017 dinner. Please nominate a member of your team or a colleague who should be recognised for their leadership. More information can be found at: www.hospace. net/conference/dinner.

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