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Written by Unstuck Admin


You will see my interview with Benedetta from the Considerate Group on page 19. My column this month focusses on energy consumption one of the most important issues of the age, in terms of saving ever-rising costs and, of course, the planet.

We have recently renewed HOSPA’s relationship with Considerate and also with BEIS - the government department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. It has been truly fascinating to learn more about the forward thinking of our Government. Our specific involvement with them has been centred around energy management and climate change. It appears not every government department is totally focused on Brexit after all!

One of BEIS’s programmes is smart metering implementation, a key task of which is to promote the roll out of smart meters to non-domestic sites. Indeed, the Energy supply licence conditions require energy suppliers to offer smart meters to nondomestic sites where the annual consumption of gas is below 732,000 KWh per year and all electricity sites in profile classes 1-4 (the majority of non-domestic electricity consumers are in profile classes 3 and 4).

However, energy suppliers can offer some larger non-domestic consumers a choice between a smart meter and an advanced meter. This means that any consumer with an annual electricity consumption of >100,000 KWh and/or annual gas consumption of >293,000 KWh can be offered a choice between an advanced meter or a smart meter.

Suppliers are already required to supply larger non-domestic consumers through advanced gas and electricity meters. That is gas non-domestic premises with an annual consumption of greater than 732,000 KWh, and electricity non-domestic premises where the metering point falls within profile classes 5 to 8.

Plainly speaking, that means smaller hotels are ideal candidates for smart metering. Smart meters help to make better sense of the energy you use so you can lower your consumption and your bills. When you get a smart meter, you’ll start to see your energy differently. They enable you to monitor exactly what you are using – and wasting – in near real time. You can identify the gadgets that guzzle power! Switching all your appliances on would move the dial to red, moving back into amber as some are switched off, through to green when everything is off.

A smart meter should encourage everyone in your business to adopt good energy habits. Energy saving goals and budgets are more easily set and achieved because you can see what is being used in pounds and pence. A smart meter also means you pay for what you have actually used, not what has been estimated.

In busy boutique hotels, the energy bills can soon rack up, so keeping a close eye on your energy consumption can provide a boost to the bottom line, and not to mention your green credentials – something that’s increasingly important to the younger demographic.

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