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HOSPA Launch Event - September 2011 HOSPA is a non-profit educational organisation which has evolved from BAHA (British Association of Hospitality Accountants) which was formed in 1969. 

As the industry has developed so has the Association. Evolving from BAHA, it was recognised in 2008 that Revenue Management, a discipline that had been emerging from Yield Management in the early 1990s and IT, which delivers the complex controls and support for hotel management, staff and their guests, provide the essential and integrated structures with the financial function for hotel profitability. Following an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Association held on 23rd February 2009 a resolution was passed to adapt and adjust the membership rules of the Association to allow participation and inclusion of those engaged in Information Technology Management and Revenue Management.

Following a specially convened BAHA Extraordinary General Meeting in May 2011, BAHA members overwhelmingly voted and approved the name change to 'HOSPA' – The Hospitality Professionals Association. The new name is accompanied by a flexible strap-line that defines the membership – comprising the three HOSPA Communities for Finance, Revenue Management and IT professionals. 

HOSPA was formally launched on 19th September 2011 to support hospitality professionals in Finance, Revenue Management and IT to give them the resources to work even more effectively.Also launched was the new name for its highly acclaimed Annual Conference and IT Exhibition which is now known as 'HOSPACE' (HOSPA plus CE for Conference and Exhibition).

HOSPA Chairman Paul Dukes explained why the then BAHA Council took the decision to give the Association a new identity: 

Finance in the UK hospitality industry has changed markedly since BAHA was formed over 40 years ago. It is not only the sector that has changed, but also the way it functions – from the emergence of IT in hotel management, guest services, administration, and guest-room technology, to raising finance and the new approach to maximising room revenues – to name but a few examples. 

BAHA has developed accordingly – continually seeking to provide cutting-edge knowledge; and greater opportunities for personal development, education, meetings, debates and special events for its membership, helping them to enhance skills, networking and employment potential. In 2009, recognising the increasing inter-dependence of finance, revenue management and IT professionals, the then BAHA Council and members took the decision to enable revenue management and IT professionals to become full members of BAHA. Already this has had a positive impact on our membership, as highlighted at the highly successful 2010 BAHA Annual Conference and IT Exhibition which attracted a record attendance. 

Now, the Association would like to encourage much wider membership and professional opportunities for all; and the council believes that the change in the Association's name to 'HOSPA' – together with a new distinctive logo and flexible strap-line – will more accurately reflect our rapidly growing membership and their professionalism within the hospitality industry.

Whereas BAHA has been recognised as the UK's authoritative voice in the hospitality industry on financial management, technical accounting issues, taxation, and hotel valuation, HOSPA now is additionally the leading arena for debate on hotel systems and Revenue Management topics through their annual Conference and meetings programmes. Under the banner of HOSPA we will continue to strive to unite professionals involved in finance, revenue management and IT within the hospitality industry and most importantly to provide education, mentoring and career development opportunities for the next generation of young professionals entering our industry.

During the 1980's BAHA launched it's Education and Training Programme in Financial Management and then in 1998, led by Debra Adams, BAHA began the process of updating, modernising and obtaining funding for the popular Education and Training Programme (ETP) in Financial Management – with a research project to determine industry needs to inform the renewing of the syllabus. 

A year later Debra co-ordinated a programme – involving the management of a team of course writers – to enable the launch of a revised and updated BAHA ETP in Financial Management, based on the strengths of the original programme. In 2000, she was instrumental in gaining accreditation for the BAHA ETP from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

In October 2011 we were delighted to receive confirmation of funding from the Savoy Educational Trust coupled with funding from the Higher Education Funding Council via Oxford Brookes University, to enable the development of the Education Programme in Revenue Management to proceed. We are indebted to the Trust and to the team at Oxford Brookes for their support for this project. The first stage of the ETP in Revenue Management commenced in October 2011 and continues to grow in student numbers each cohort.

We are indebted to our sponsors and patrons and to the support we have received from all our partners, including the Savoy Educational Trust, to enable this transformation to take place. 

During 2012/13, the membership has expanded to almost 1,100 members.

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