Webinar - Get the guests flooding in! More bookings, more profitability

The unpredictable outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has left hospitality businesses around the world struggling to generate income. However, central to any hotel recovery plan should be developing a direct booking strategy. 

Our CEO, Jane Pendlebury talks to Samantha Williams, Market Lead at Profitroom, Samantha Bailey, Port Lympne’s Hotel & Reserve, Sales, Marketing, and Fundraising Commercial Director along with Tony Kelly, Managing Director, Port Lympne’s Hotel & Reserve.

We’ll be touching on topics such as the clear trends we have seen in the gradual recovery in the volume of bookings, how to make the most of the surge in demand, and most importantly, how to achieve high direct booking rates. 

Join our webinar and secure your future, with simply more bookings. Guaranteed.

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Hosted by: HOSPA

HOSPA Events

Date: Thursday 6th August 2020

Hosted on a HOSPA Online Webinar

Timings: 11:00 am - 11:30 am

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