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Safe and secure transactions are critical to your business, and your customers.


GLORY delivers secure, efficient cash automation solutions and instant, highly accurate identity verification and authentication solutions that enable confidence in transactions and other interactions between businesses and people.


Our innovative technologies, our experienced professionals and our commitment to the success of our customers, partners and communities create a safe, confident path forward.


GLORY can help you deliver digital transformation in your hotel to increase productivity, enhance customer experience and streamline your operations.

With a 24/7 operating model including shift changes, shared till processes and multiple cash floats, hotels spend a lot of time and effort managing cash. It is therefore essential to reduce complex and time-consuming tasks such as cash handling as much as possible.


Whatever the volume of cash flowing through your hotel, GLORY has a solution to improve staff productivity, speed up the transit of cash, reduce shrinkage, increase security and maximise operational efficiency. Understanding each hotel’s specific challenges allows us to design custom solutions that deliver real improvements in business performance.


By leveraging cash automation technology for payment processing, hotels can give their full attention to their guests and focus on customer experience.


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