HOSPA is a non-profit educational organisation which evolved from BAHA (British Association of Hospitality Accountants formed in 1969) 

As the industry has developed, so has the Association. Evolving from BAHA, it was recognised in 2010 that by creating HOSPA, we were able to better serve the hospitality industry by creating an association for all senior operators.

HOSPA was formally launched on 19th September 2011 to support hospitality professionals in Finance, Revenue Management and IT to give them the resources to work even more effectively. Since then we have taken management of the HMA and opened our membership to all Senior Commercial Managers including Asset Managers.

HOSPA Governance history

Whereas BAHA has been recognised as the UK's authoritative voice in the hospitality industry on financial management, technical accounting issues, taxation, and hotel valuation, HOSPA now is additionally the leading arena for debate on all things commercial.


Under the banner of HOSPA we will continue to strive to unite professionals within the hospitality industry and most importantly to provide education, mentoring and career development opportunities for the next generation of young professionals entering our industry.

HOSPA Governance

Governance History