Harassment Prevention Training Course

The hospitality industry’s propensity for incidents of harassment and discrimination has sparked a new level of awareness and created an environment where both victims and bystanders feel empowered to speak up and seek action. Fostering a culture free from sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation begins with regular, interactive anti-harassment training. This important step reduces the risk of misconduct by empowering employees to recognise, report, and prevent occurrences of harassment and discrimination.


To help you train your teams, HOSPA has partnered with Traliant to bring you award-winning, interactive sexual harassment training for the exclusive price of only £22 per employee.


Why We Chose Traliant Training

Traliant's innovative approach to online training covers important topics, such as sexual harassment, in a modern, engaging format. Your employees are immersed in interactive videos that let them choose alternative endings, while learning to handle difficult, real-world situations. By influencing behavior and culture, employees are trained to act ethically, speak up, prevent harassment and discrimination, and promote a positive, respectful workplace.


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Key Features of Traliant’s Industry-Leading Training 

  • Complies with the United Kingdom Equality Act 2010

  • Only £22 per learner for HOSPA members

  • Easy to rollout and includes setup and support

  • Completion certificates and audit-ready reporting

  • Mobile optimised training

  • Upgrade with your logo and policy for only £50


If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact HOSPA@HOSPA.ORG