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Inspired Energy

Inspired Energy plc is the UK’s leading independent energy and sustainability consultancy. Our mission is to optimise the value of every pound spent on utilities by our clients. This means working with our clients to solve utility cost, consumption, carbon and compliance problems, any or all of which can impact upon the profitability of businesses if not managed correctly.


We work with corporate consumers in the commercial, industrial and public sectors to create and deliver long-term cost and efficiency savings. Over the last twenty years, we have supported more than 100 hospitality companies. Today, as hospitality faces new challenges, HOSPA members can trust in us to help them future-proof their businesses. 


Our market presence extends to:


  • 700+ employees;

  • Over 3,400 clients across our corporate divisions;

  • Over 30 billion kWh of energy managed annually;

  • Over £2.8bn worth of annual energy cost.


Regardless of how much energy you use, our team of experts can provide you with the correct solution. We will relieve you of the burden of managing the many utility cost pressures currently confronting businesses. This means you can focus on running your organisation as profitably and effectively as possible. 

Your path to net-zero:


The conversation surrounding sustainability is getting louder, but we understand that not all of it is clear. And while business leaders may understand the problem, not everyone knows how best to tackle it. As the UK’s leading utilities consultancy1, we have the experience needed to support your carbon reduction ambitions. Our expertise and broad service offering mean we can support HOSPA members with their net-zero journey from development right through to implementation and review.  


- Rated number 1 TPI in the UK in the I&C Index Ranking 2018, 2019 & 2020 

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