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Beyond COVID-19 How Technology Can Drive Recovery

It’s fair to say there aren’t many positives to take from the current COVID-19 crisis, but if we had to choose one, it might be how technology is keeping us all sane as we battle with the physical and mental challenges of being in “lockdown”. From video calls with elderly loved ones to binge watching box sets on our favourite streaming service, technology has helped us to stay safe, connected and stimulated in a way that would have been impossible even 20 years ago. 

Over recent weeks, we've been having a lot of interesting conversations (remotely, of course – who doesn’t wish they’d bought shares in Zoom back in February?) with our customers, partners and industry friends about the part technology might have to play in getting hospitality back on its feet. Particularly, how it can help hotels to meet a new set of expectations from guests, whilst also keeping an eye on the bottom line and providing staff with the right tools to do their jobs effectively and safely. For example, 52% of our customers remain open during COVID-19 and cite recent technology investments as one of the key contributing factors.

We took this feedback, combined it with some recent global studies on the topic and compiled our findings into a whitepaper, which we hope makes for an interesting read for hoteliers at this time. We tackle current limitations, new technology that can help and why now might be a good time to act.

The report can be downloaded directly here:

apaleo-Recovery through technology-April
Download • 4.84MB


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