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Capitalise on the rise of rosé

With warmer weather on the way and interest in rosé wine growing, CGA by NIQ’s Wine Insights Reports reveal how suppliers and operators can unlock extra sales.

‘A Deep Dive Into Rosé’ combines CGA’s unrivalled sales analysis with an in-depth consumer survey to deliver expert insights into why, when and where people choose the category. Here are just five of the takeaways from the definitive picture of out-of-home rosé drinking, which is available from CGA now


1 A versatile option 

Rosé has a loyal consumer base, with nearly half  of its drinkers choosing it every or almost every time they go out. Nearly as many consumers select it for both drink-led and food-led occasions—nine percentage points more than the average for all still wine drinkers. It over-indexes on special occasions and high tempo nights out too, but this is a very versatile category with a wide variety of sales opportunities. 


2 Casual dining the top channel 

The relaxed image of rosé makes it ideal for less formal venues. Two thirds of rosé consumers say they typically choose it in casual dining restaurants—the most popular channel by some distance from formal restaurants (52%), pubs (42%) and late-night bars (34%). 


3 Big growth in premium 

Rosé has benefited from the premiumisation trend in wine consumption. CGA’s sales data shows that while standard rosé sales by value in the 12 month period covered by the report  rose by +7.6%, premium options achieved more than double the growth at +18.9%.  


4 Recommendations a route to sales 

With three in five rosé consumers likely to pay more for a better quality drink, there is headroom for more growth in the premium segment. Recommendations are vital here, as a quarter of drinkers say they would encourage them to pay more for rosé wines, while a fifth  can be influenced by tasting notes. 


5 Not just for summer 

While rosé’s profile is highest during warmer weather, it is no longer a summer-only category. Well over half (56%) of rosé drinkers say they choose it all year round. 


Mark Newton, CGA client director, said: “Rosé sales always start to flourish as the temperatures rise, and now is the perfect time to sharpen promotional strategies and sales stories. Understanding rosé consumption patterns by daypart and occasion is vital, and our Wine Insight Reports provide a great springboard into extra revenue and gains in share—not just over the summer but all year round.”  


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