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HOSPACE 2013 Showreel

This is a summary “show reel” of speaker interviews from HOSPACE 2013, held on 21st November 2013, at the Sofitel T5 Heathrow.

This provides a great summary of the day’s happening at HOSPACE – which is a one-day annual conference and exhibition hosted by HOSPA - the UK's leading educational organisation for Professionals involved in Financial Management, Revenue Management and IT within the hospitality industry.

All the full interviews will be released separately on HOSPA TV.

The showreel includes interviews with:

  • Robert Cook, CEO at De Vere Hotels and Village Urban Resorts, and President of HOSPA

  • Lawrence Hunt, Chief Operating Officer at Lowcosttravelgroup

  • Graeme Smith, Partner at Zolfo Cooper Corporate Finance

  • Jeremy Ward, Senior Vice President of IT at Kempinski Hotels and Resorts

  • Carl Weldon, Chief Executive, HOSPA

  • Debra Adams, Head of Professional Development at HOSPA.


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