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The Guide to UK & Ireland Booking Habits – from Amadeus

The consumer journey is no longer one straightforward Yellow Brick Road that leads to a hotel booking. Instead, it’s long and winding with forks and shiny signs at every turn. This fragmentation is due to new ways of searching and booking, both online and offline. When compared with ten years ago, 30% of Brits claim they now do more research before booking trips thanks to the creation of more online review sites.

Fragmentation is here to stay, and hoteliers can act upon it. It starts with understanding what inspires the traveler and embracing his or her behavior and booking habits at every touchpoint.

Who’s traveling to your property and why does it matter?

When we think about tourism within the UK & Ireland, there are two types of traveller, those who reside in the UK & Ireland and those who visit. What inspires them to book?

Domestic holiday-makers value experience, but at the right cost:

Two-thirds of Brits would prefer to spend money on travel than anything else. But with purse strings getting tighter in light of a depreciated pound through 2019, value for money is top of mind when booking holidays. For this reason, 60% of UK travelers opt for package holidays. Looking ahead, this trend continues, as all-inclusive trips are on the rise (ABTA). For the cost-conscious consumer, packaged deals on trips can excite, delight and lead to bookings.

Staycations are another considerable and cost-effective area of opportunity. The desire of UK citizens to stay closer to home has led to growth in smaller-scale, ‘heritage’ cities like Bath and York. A 2019 survey revealed that the Yorkshire seaside town of Whitby was the number one summer staycation destination for Brits. In Ireland, domestic trips are also on the rise, with the republic seeing a steady increase between 2014 and 2018.

Shifting the focus to those visiting the UK & Ireland, how can hoteliers adapt their tactics to better appeal to these audiences? To read the full article from Amadeus CLICK HERE.


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