Professional Education and Short Courses

HOSPA offers a range of both in depth courses and one day events open to both members and non members. 

The HOSPA Professional Development courses provide the skills and knowledge for those hospitality professionals seeking to excel in their careers in hospitality finance, revenue management or asset management.  The Finance and Revenue Management courses are endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality, demonstrating that it adheres to good practice standards in training and training delivery, is relevant to the needs of the industry and meets a wide range of essential criteria relating to quality standards and quality learning outcomes.

With both introductory and advanced levels available, the modules have been specifically written for the hospitality sector by specialist educators and industry-leaders and reflect the need for learners to be continuing in full-time work whilst studying.  All three courses, Financial Management, Revenue Management and Asset Management is offered in 3 separate levels, each taking 5 months to complete. 

The programmes utilise both contemporary terminology and professional examples and are assessed through work-based projects, meaning you can apply what you learn directly to the workplace and make a real difference.  In addition to the study packs, all learners log into our online learning space (HOSPA World of Learning) with access to subject matter experts and additional resources.  All our courses are based on the best practice metrics and terms recommended in the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry.

CPD Courses

Continuing Professional Development can be defined as, 'a structured approach to maintaining knowledge, skills and qualifications for your professional career'

Completing CPD can be achieved in many different formats. It is not just limited to traditional courses or seminars. There are many types of learning which can be recognised as being relevant to the acquisition of knowledge including:

  • work based learning and development

  • in-house and external training courses

  • attendance at seminars, workshops and conferences

  • skills developed as part of normal in-house activitiespart time teaching  membership of relevant professional committees

  • internet network groups

Keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in your profession is essential. Membership of HOSPA enables you to keep developing your professional knowledge in finance, revenue management and IT. To discuss how to use HOSPA's resources in your workplace to build a truly learning organisation contact Debra Adams, Head of Professional Development on +44 (0)1202 889430 or email

Supporting Professional Development


The Savoy Educational Trust

HOSPA is proud to be a supporter of the Savoy Society Mentoring Scheme which provides 2-year support structure to hospitality undergraduate students who are nearing completion of their degree and as they forge their careers in the industry. 

The scheme, managed by the hospitality charity Springboard, offers selected undergraduates to benefit from the experience, guidance and counsel of successful senior managers from the sector. HOSPA supports the scheme financially, by donating a percentage of all patronage sponsorship  and by encouraging members to act as mentors. 


HOSPA Annual Awards Ceremony 


Hard work and dedication deserves recognition and HOSPA is delighted to acknowledge its outstanding learners from the Finance and Revenue Management Education Programmes each year at the Annual Awards Ceremony.  


The highest achievers of each Level of study are recognised, together with a Learner of the Year award - awarded to the learner who achieves the highest combined course work assessments and examination score.