Technology To Help With Re-Opening

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Guestline, the leading hospitality technology provider, demonstrates how ‘contact-free’ solutions can help hoteliers reduce physical contact as much as possible and boost revenue when they re-open and start welcoming guests again with:

  • Digital guest registration & communication

  • Food and beverage digital ordering

  • Payments and check-out



Hotel guest apps and the social distancing era

Social distancing measures are starting to ease but we won’t return to ‘normal’ immediately, if ever.


Hotels need to create new socially distant processes to give guests the confidence to book, and a hotel guest app is a great way to support that guest requirement. 


Safe and secure mobile order and payment solution

from HOSPA sponsors, Crave

Helping keep staff and customers safe, while maximising your revenues

Technology available to help with re-opening, including offers to HOSPA members

15 months for the cost of 12!  

The hospitality industry has been hard hit by the coronavirus crisis,

with many businesses forced to close their operation entirely. Of course, this means that the implications on cash flow are profound, with many businesses generating next to no income during the lockdown period.  In light of this, and in recognition of the ongoing difficulties currently being faced by hospitality, HOSPA is extending a 3-month payment holiday to our operator members. Having been in constant discourse with our members since the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis, we’re well aware of the financial burdens venues are having to bear at this time – and we don’t want to add to it.

We appreciate that, in the grand scheme of things, it’s a comparatively small gesture, but we wanted to do so to help express our gratitude for your continued support of our organisation.

Jane Pendlebury | CEO | HOSPA

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