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Recovery (More to follow)

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HOSPA Recovery Package


Here at HOSPA, our eyes are very much on the future. While, as an industry, we might not yet know the definitive date when we can reopen, the fact is that day will certainly come – and we hope it will be soon.


In the meantime, we must do all we can to ensure that when the day does eventually arrive, we’re well prepared and in prime position to take advantage of the inevitable boom in bookings.


Consequently, we want to help hoteliers by offering short, sharp, insightful, advice pieces that they can use to enhance their offering in anticipation of the high levels of post-lockdown demand.


Taking video form, and only a few minutes in length, industry experts, across a variety of fields, will impart their expertise to make sure you’re perfectly placed to fully embrace the process of recovery once we’re back open and back trading.

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Covid-19 has proved devastating for many businesses and led, understandably, to a lot of short-term survival thinking. But there are other looming global issues that aren’t going away. It is natural to get trapped in the short-term, but as we recover from this pandemic, the question is: can we do so in a ‘greener’ way that takes into account some of these future challenges?

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