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HOSPA Recovery Package


Here at HOSPA, our eyes are very much on the future. Now we know when we can re-open, we’d like to help make sure the industry is in prime position to take advantage of the inevitable boom in bookings.


Consequently, we want to help hoteliers by offering short, sharp, insightful, advice pieces that they can use to enhance their offering in anticipation of the high levels of post-lockdown demand.


Taking video form, and only a few minutes in length, industry experts, across a variety of fields, have given their expertise to make sure you’re perfectly placed to fully embrace the process of recovery once we’re back open and back trading. 


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Ali Powell CEO of Commercial Acceleration talks through the 5 best tips for maximising revenue and the importance of customer retension.

To learn more visit the Commercial Acceleration website

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In these two bitesize videos, IDeaS experts talk through the best ways of utilising revenue management to prepare for re-opening in the new normal

To learn more visit the IDeaS website

Rachel Parker, Business development manager at Profitroom explains how to optimise revenue when re-opening, some tips used in the video include: increasing the minimum length of stay and flexible booking policies

To learn more visit the Profitroom website


James Robson, senior customer success manager at Infor Hospitality explains the benefits of having an effective revenue management system and how quality data will drive successful decision making.

To learn more visit the Infor website


Covid-19 has proved devastating for many businesses and led, understandably, to a lot of short-term survival thinking. But there are other looming global issues that aren’t going away. It is natural to get trapped in the short-term, but as we recover from this pandemic, the question is: can we do so in a ‘greener’ way that takes into account some of these future challenges?

To find out more visit the Ethical Business Blog. 

Or Read the Green Recovery PDF

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Calum Mcindoe, Senior Sales Director at Infor Hospitality explains how best to utilise technology when operating under new COVID-19 re-opening restrictions.

To learn more visit the Infor website


Bernard Finkle, Customer Success Manager at Profitroom explains how using metasearch campaigns can increase direct bookings.

To learn more visit the Profitroom website


PicPr experts give 5 top marketing tips when re-opening your hotel

To learn more visit the PicPr website


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