Redefining Staff Retention

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A Discovery of the Employee Experience in the New Normal

This session (10am - 11:00am) will encompass a diverse group of hotel operators with Jane Pendlebury from HOSPA facilitating the session. The session will be part of a series which encompasses the second session from the Hospitality Recruitment Summit,  “Retain” which talks about the importance of retaining staff at this current time. In this session we delve a little deeper into how operators are approaching their retention strategy with a focus on practicality vs balancing the books with People and Operations instigating some good discussion.



  • Jane Pendlebury, HOSPA - Facilitator

  • Robert Richardson, CEO Institute of Hospitality

  • Craig Cunningham, F&B Director, The Student Hotel

  • Andrew Coney, General Manager, The Hari

  • Paul Spencer, Operations Director, EdynGroup

  • Dave Daniels-Ekarte, Group Head of F&B, The Club Company

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Date:  Friday 16th July, 2021

Location:  Online Event

Timings:  10am - 11:00am