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Seasonal Trends to Stay Ahead: Hotel Marketing Insights for Q4 & Beyond
Capitalise on emerging traveller behaviours & digital marketing trends

If you work within hotels and have one or more of the following questions this webinar is for you:

  • Are you concerned about your bookings through the shoulder seasons? 

  • Are you unsure on what to promote and how to get the attention of your guests through the noise of rising costs and economic uncertainty?

  • What does data and customer behaviour say about the state of travel in the UK through Autumn and Winter?


In this webinar we will uncover emerging marketing trends and insights that can guide your hotel to captivate an active audience of travellers. The data and insights will set a foundation on which you can make informed and data-driven decisions to drive direct revenue through the shoulder months.

On this webinar you will learn from GuestNet and HMA’s marketing experts about:

  • Hotel marketing data and insights for Autumn and Winter

  • Communication and messaging insights for the shoulder seasons

  • Key areas for hotel marketing investment for generating direct revenue this winter 

  • Explore areas of competitive advantage throughout the shoulder seasons


Don’t miss out on this vital market briefing for hotels that will enable you to strengthen your winter marketing strategy. Register today. 

Event Hosted by:

GuestNet & the HMA

Wednesday 13th September 2023


Webinar via Zoom

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