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HOSPA launches #SleepOverToHelpTurnover as it looks to maintain the momentum of the industry’s recovery


The #EatOutToHelpOut scheme provided a much-needed flurry of trade for the hospitality industry as we began the process of reopening.


But, whilst a huge success, the COVID-19 pandemic saw hotels and other hospitality businesses being amongst the first to close, and the longest to stay shut; conditions which have had, and continue to have, a profound impact on our sector.


Recovery then has only just begun, and to help sustain this, HOSPA, supported by our members and partners, has launched the #SleepOverToHelpTurnover scheme, which is set to follow on from #EatOutToHelpOut and is aimed at boosting hotels and their ancillary support businesses, as we look to maintain the industry’s rebuilding process.


The scheme’s overriding purpose is to encourage the public to continue engaging with hotels beyond the summer months and into autumn and winter – helping to prolong the recovery boost provided by #EatOutToHelpOut. With many hotels having brought staff back from furlough to cater to the Government-backed initiative, these now have rooms to fill – and we hope #SleepOverToHelpTurnover will work towards this.


Looked at as a two-way initiative, #SleepOverToHelpTurnover seeks to encourage hoteliers to incentivise potential guests by offering discounts or extras, such as supplementary meals, additional nights, bottles of wine, free WiFi upgrades, complimentary parking, half-price cocktails and more to reward those who engage with the scheme and display their support for the hospitality industry.


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