Acentic & RIEO Communications

Acentic & RIEO Communications

Acentic is an international integrator of technologies that connect, engage and entertain. Our passion is finding innovative and creative ways to offer guests the ultimate user experience in today’s connected lifestyle, while meeting the rapidly changing technology environment of tomorrow.

Acentic’s range of products include Acentic Smart – our future ready Smart TV solution – Acentic Media advertising options, Wi-Fi high-speed Internet, hotel mobile applications, digital interactive television (iTV) and high definition TV platforms (HD TV). These digital platforms not only provide you with a unique entertainment and communication hub, but also open up your industry to the opportunity for international advertising brands and technology developers.


RIEO Communications Limited is a privately owned UK-based company specialising exclusively in the development and installation of a unique high speed internet access (HSIA) solution in the European hospitality industry.

We have grown steadily and consistently since incorporation in 2002, establishing our product, service, customer base and reputation with great success.

This has largely been down to an innovative approach which sees the old industry model of low or no-cost package delivery and subsequent shared revenues turned on its head.

RIEO has extensive experience in the hotel industry. Our knowledge and experience is a seamless blend of hospitality industry knowledge and a highly sophisticated and specialised IT skill-base.

Our objective is to maintain our pioneering approach and continue to grow our business in partnership with our customers.



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