Jamjou is an award winning application offering a fun, effective way to deliver training & drive sales performance of front line staff across pc or mobile devices. It delivers real life work scenarios using game based mechanics , characters, points, leaderboards to drive retention of information and engagement. Employees get immediate feedback on their skill progression & can see how they are doing against colleagues. Customer scenarios cover everything from upselling at front desk/bar/restaurant, dealing with guest complaints, how to promote loyalty programmes, excellent service in your bar/restaurant.   

The application also acts as a management support tool as key data points show specific areas where an employee is weak and may need further help. This is alerted to their managers so they can make a further intervention such as coaching. Senior managers can see the average score per site further driving competition amongst senior managers & teams.

Clients using Jamjou have seen the following results:

  • 95% engagement levels with users 
  • 6% increase in revenue 
  • 5% increased positive verbatim comments from customers driving online booking 
  • 3% reduced staff turnover year on year 
  • Increased brand activity on social media – employees sharing competition results  



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