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Spoiler alert: remember “Avengers: Infinity War” where the bad guy won and everyone died? Ok, not everyone died, but lots did. It wasn’t all bleak. In the final credits, there was a glimmer of hope that another superhero would try to defeat the all-powerful Thanos in part four of the series.

Well, we like to dream that we are the superhero tapping in to take Thanos down in part four. Except instead of one hero, we are a motley crew of 20 badass superheroes. And instead of Thanos, the evil alien Deviant, we are taking down legacy PMS’ that suck budgets, kill innovation, and drain happiness from hotels and app developers.

We aren’t technically superheroes. But we ARE passionate, driven, and relentless in fighting the good fight. We’ve joined forces from all over the globe on our mission. Each of us with unique backgrounds. Our founding team consists of fourteen people from eight different nationalities, both genders, and spanning multiple generations. Some of us have battled similar villains in the past. Some of us are major tech nerds who are tired of evil, old software. Some of us escaped soul-crushing lives as employee number 5438134 at major, global corporations. Some of us are new to this whole thing but are determined and smart. Our different backgrounds give us a special, über strength that allows us to take on problems that are too big for any one person to tackle.

Our plan is simple, but unconventional in the hotel tech world. The Thanos that we are up against survives on closed platforms and crazy integrations fees. So, we are building an open platform and will never charge for integrations. Not ever. Our open PMS connects with any hotel application through a two-way, public API. We even help hotels discover apps that they love through the apaleo Store.

Taking down Thanos – err, legacy software – is no walk in the park; it requires more than just a team of crazy people with diverse backgrounds and unique talents. I mean, lots of superheroes have already been defeated trying. Luckily, we have real-life superheroes on our side. And lots of them. They are the hoteliers who work tirelessly, day in and day out, to please even the most difficult of guests. And the app developers who are finding new ways for hotels to use technology to run hotel operations, generate revenue, and improve the entire guest experience. All these superheroes want (and deserve!) better software, and when we all join forces, we will emerge victorious. We’re coming for you, Thanos.

We’re fighting to make sure the (digital) future is bright, my friends. Just close your eyes for a second and imagine: hotel software that just works together. There are no wait times, no fees, no corporate BS, no frustration. Just a newfound focus on leveraging technology to better serve guests, which is why we all got into this crazy business anyhow. What a great world to live in.

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