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RoomPriceGenie is an automated rate management tool helping hoteliers to get the best pricing nightly for their accommodation. Our mission is to also educate and help the hospitality industry to understand revenue and to provide a system to become successful at revenue management.


By applying our market intelligence analysis and using your internal occupancy performance, RoomPriceGenie can set the best pricing for the next 365 days while you stay 100% in control of your pricing strategy. We connect with a variety of different PMS and Channel managers to offer you a two-way connection. RoomPriceGenie is an easy-to-use solution that connects to your PMS or Channel Manager, automates great pricing and increases your revenue.


RoomPriceGenie in three words:

  1. Simple

  2. Efficient

  3. Transparent

Multiple times a day, RoomPriceGenie takes care of:

  • Pickup performance analysis

  • Identifying market trends

  • Monitoring local events

  • Optimizing 365 days of prices

  • Updating your PMS or Channel Manager

And all in a transparent way, so you are always in control. That’s all the magic you need to increase your revenue with the least possible effort. HOSPA members can trust in us to help overcome the challenges of dynamic pricing. On average our customers increase their revenue by 15-20% after using RoomPriceGenie. With 98% we received the best-in-class recommendation score on HotelTechReport. You want to know more about us? Feel free to contact John and he will happily answer every question you got.

Contact information:

John Halligan

Sales and Customer Service Manager


Phone: +44 78 180 48894

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Sponsor Type:  Silver

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