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21 practical and topical ‘Educational Workshops’ unveiled for HOSPACE 2013

The 2013 programme of 21 really practical and topical ‘Educational Workshops’ – designed to put ‘theory into practice’ – have been unveiled for HOSPA’s Annual HOSPACE Conference and IT Exhibition on Thursday, 21 November.

The subjects range from: ‘The future of in-room entertainment’; ‘Evolution of Key performance Indicator (KPI) measuring accounts payable process benefits’; ‘Generate sales you didn’t know you had..’; and ‘Jelley and ice-cream – a refreshing approach to PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)’; to ‘Managing your bandwidth’; ‘Top Tips to reduce payment card costs and increase profits’; ‘Understanding the true cost of acquisition per channel’; and ‘How to write a compelling business case’.

The afternoon Educational Workshops – all presented by companies and organisations that are specialists in their particular fields – have been designed to enhance Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and support the one-day event. Each of the ‘Interactive Educational Workshops’ have been placed into streams for Finance, Revenue Management and Technology – with subjects that respectively include: ‘Solutions for hotels’; ‘Don’t call it Revenue Management’; and ‘Business technology trends and innovations in the hospitality industry’. In addition, there are HOSPA workshops – run by one of the Association’s founder members, Howard Field – to update delegates on the latest worldwide accounting standards regarding the Uniform System of Accounts (USALI); and on the HFTP’s (Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals) on-going Global Hospitality Accounting Project (GHACP), providing a database reflecting global hotel management accounting practices. A new version of the Uniform System of Accounts will be introduced in 2014 for implementation in 2015.

The Educational Workshops will be run in three half-hour, mid-afternoon slots at the Conference, so delegates can attend up to three workshops of their choice from the 21 sessions. In each half-hour time allocation, delegates will have the opportunity to select one from a choice of seven available sessions.

Commenting on the Workshops, HOSPA Chief Executive Carl Weldon said: “The HOSPACE 2013 Conference and Exhibition is all about providing knowledge and connections for technology, finance and revenue management professionals in the hospitality industry. A HOSPA priority is to further and reinforce learning for our members; and we have created the highly popular HOSPACE afternoon ‘Educational Workshops’ to do just that.

“For example, there are workshops to support the earlier HOSPACE 2013 conference sessions, such as ones to help revenue managers collate all their information streams into a cohesive picture – a major theme of this year’s Revenue Management debate. There are also a plethora of sessions demonstrating how technology can be good for the hospitality industry – the subject of the 2013 IT debate. Equally, there are those supporting hospitality financiers and the morning finance discussion. In short, there are ‘Educational Workshops’ –with subjects ranging from social media to in-room entertainment – suited to the needs of all the delegates.

“HOSPA would like to thank publicly all the companies and organisations, presenting the HOSPACE 2013 Educational Workshops, for their invaluable time and support. They include: Acentic, Agilysys, Avenue 9, Avvio, Barclaycard, Broadsoft, Cenium & The NAV People, Duetto Research, First Data Merchant Services, IDeaS, Infor, MICROS, Motorola Solutions, PAR Springer-Miller, Sabre Hospitality Solutions, Sky Business, Solution Builders, and WNS Global Services.”

Other highlights of HOSPACE 2013 – designed for Hospitality Finance, Revenue Management, IT and Commercial Professionals – include: a scene-setting ‘Leaders Panel’ discussion by hospitality captains of industry on ‘Key issues, trends and developments facing the industry today’; a top-level Finance Panel discussion on ‘The changing face of the funding landscape for the hospitality sector’; a thought provoking Hospitality IT Debate on ‘Is Technology good for the hotel/hospitality business?’; and a highly informative Revenue Management Debate on ‘Integrating all the feeds for Revenue Management’.

HOSPACE again will be held at the Sofitel London Heathrow, Terminal 5, and supported by a growing and increasingly influential exhibition of hospitality technology solutions – providing delegates with a ‘one stop shop’ to view and interact with the latest and ‘best in class’ technologies – covering all eventualities for any hospitality business, whether they be start-up, established independent, or multi chain-owned, operations.

For regularly updated information on HOSPACE 2013 (HOSPA Conference and IT Exhibition), visit the HOSPACE 2013 website at: . For bookings and further details for HOSPACE 2013, contact the HOSPA Membership Services Office on telephone: 01202 889 430; fax: 01202 887 967; or email:


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