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In this fast-changing business world, with its constant advances in technology, it is more important than ever that professionals keep abreast of the latest issues and developments in hospitality – a HOSPA membership enables you to do just that.

Find out which membership is right for you and apply online today.

* HOSPA pre-approval required

** Complimentary Members will be expected and encouraged to stay engaged with HOSPA both online and in-person. The more actively involved they are, the greater the rewards they can anticipate in return.

Membership is not transferable

Membership is for individuals working in operational roles within a hospitality business for example, a hotel, restaurant, bar, event space or similar business. 
Operational roles include Finance, Revenue Management, Operations, Technology, Sales, Events, Marketing and Human Resources, working either onsite or at a Head Office. Consultants and Suppliers is defined as those not working within the above operational roles and who offer advice or goods and services to the hospitality industry. 


Stephanie Timsit, Director of Finance

"Choosing to be a member at HOSPA has been a decisive element in my career. Apart from allowing me to meet with valuable professionals in the industry from all around the UK and abroad, HOSPA is a very useful forum for the hospitality industry where tangible ideas can be debated, latest developments shared and innovations explained.

It has also allowed me and my team to grow in knowledge through its professional training program, honing our analytical skills and giving us a renewed momentum to succeed in the industry. Its strength resides in the fact that all members are active in the hospitality scene and are willing to exchange information in an ever competitive environment.

My advice: buy your membership card!"

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