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HOSPA Webinars & Events

Thursday 21st March 2024 | A look ahead – exploring the future of the hospitality industry, together


Jerome Wise, Vice President – UK & Ireland and Enterprise Clients, Hospitality, Amadeus, looks ahead and explores the future of the hospitality industry.


Jerome Wise, Vice President – UK & Ireland and Enterprise Clients, Hospitality, Amadeus

Harry Fielder, Chairman, HMA

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Amadeus Look Ahead

Tuesday 19th March 2024 | Cvent Webinar: Unlocking the Secrets to Hotel and Venue Success


Cvent expert, Konrad Pant, cveshares the latest industry data and trends in key European markets and how to use this information to drive growth for your business.


Konrad PantRegional Sales Director, Cvent

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Cvent Unlocking

Wednesday 6th March 2024 | Get more traffic from Google - 5 successful strategies to boost your hotel’s rankings

Confused by Google? Why do your competitors come higher up in rankings and search results than you? This online marketing masterclass will give you practical insights and guidance to improving your website performance in Google Search results to increase website traffic and attract new bookers.

The panel included:

Pete Stevens, Head of Marketing and Operations, Clockwork Marketing

Mark Durber, Marketing Manager, Clockwork Marketing

Harry Fielder, Chairman, HMA

For more information click here or contact Mark Durber

Thursday 22nd February 2024 | Levelling Up Your Hotel Email Marketing Game - 5 Top Tips For Hoteliers And Hotel Marketeers

Are you considering how you can boost your email marketing performance? This  online marketing masterclass, walks you through key strategies and recommendations for crafting stand-out email campaigns that not only capture your audience’s attention but also drive traffic to your website to increase direct bookings.

The panel included:

Pete Stevens, Head of Marketing and Operations, Clockwork Marketing

Mark Durber, Marketing Manager, Clockwork Marketing

For more information click here or contact Mark Durber

Tuesday 20th February 2024 | 2023 What a year! - HotStats Live Webinar

We all know that last year had some significant highs and lows, whether we were looking at ADR and revenue levels or the impact of inflation on all our operations. So what does the data teach us and how can we use it to face whatever 2024 brings?


HotStats' Hotel Profit Intelligence understands hotel profitability like never before. Intelligent benchmarking, financial performance reporting, market data and insights, all in one place.


Kathrin Cockhill, Commercial Director, HotStats 

Levelling Up Your Hotel Maketing

Wednesday 31st January 2024 | The Anatomy of the Perfect Hotel Website

Is your website performing well enough? Unsure on what you can do to increase direct bookings on your website? This online marketing masterclass unpacks the essentials needed to deliver an effective hotel website and improve user engagement, leading to higher conversions.

The panel included:

Pete Stevens, Head of Marketing and Operations, Clockwork Marketing

Mark Durber, Marketing Manager, Clockwork Marketing

Harry Fielder, Chairman, HMA

For more information click here or contact Mark Durber

Wednesday 24th January 2024 | Can you be sure you are maximising your revenue from M&E?

Jane Pendlebury and Peter Heath analyse and dissect the key trends in the M&E market both retrospectively and, more importantly into the future, using data derived directly from hotels and venues.


The panel included:

Jane Pendlebury, CEO, HOSPA

Peter Heath, Founder, Venue Performance

Wednesday 17th January 2024 | 3 Must-Do Strategies For 2024: Get A Consistent Flow Of Bookings

Wanting to try something new in 2024? Looking to attract more direct bookers? 

This online marketing masterclass gives you a top-level overview of the essential marketing you should be doing to attract direct bookers via websites, email marketing and search engine optimisation (a.k.a Google Search).

The panel included:

Pete Stevens, Head of Marketing and Operations, Clockwork Marketing

Mark Durber, Marketing Manager, Clockwork Marketing

Harry Fielder, Chairman, HMA

For more information click here or contact Mark Durber

16th November 2023 | HOSPACE 2023

HOSPACE 2023 played host to an array of discussions and workshops from leading minds in the industry,  the conference is addressed some of the key issues impacting the contemporary hospitality landscape, including sustainability, technology, wellness cyber security and career progression.

View HOSPACE 2023 content

27th September 2023 | Tech Impact: Creating a hotel of the
future through tech innovations


A webinar hosted by HOSPA and Ruckus, discussing the impact of technology on Operational Efficiencies in hotels, now and in the future.

The panel included:

Miguel Fonseca, IT Manager, Royal Garden Hotel

Rob Sargeant, Hospitality Solutions, Ruckus

13th September 2023 | Seasonal Trends to Stay Ahead

Hotel Marketing Insights for Q4 & Beyond. Capitalise on emerging traveller behaviours & digital marketing trends. Hosted by the HMA & GuestNet

The panel included:

Mark Durber, Marketing Manager at Clockwork Marketing

Pete Stevens, Head of Manager at Clockwork Marketing
Harry Fielder, CEO at UMI Digital

View data sheet

29th June 2023 | HOSPA BT Tips & Service Charge

As the Employment (Allocation of Tips) Bill has recently received Royal Assent, we gathered together some of the most knowledgeable minds in the UK to debate how this will affect hospitality businesses.


The panel included:

Charlie Barnes, Legal Services Director at RSM UK Legal LLP
Jacqui Roberts, Employment Tax Director at BDO LLP
Katie Linstead, Lead Product Manager at Troncmasters Limited

Giuseppe D'aniello, Head Sommelier at The London Edition

Jane Pendlebury, CEO, HOSPA

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14th June 2023 | HOSPA BDO Annual Finance Update

Download the slides for a snapshot of the issues discussed at BDO's offices:

  • Industry Update
  • Corporation Tax

  • Tax Governance

  • Employment Tax

  • VAT

  • Corporate Governance

  • Audit Update


Jane Pendlebury - CEO, HOSPA

Mark Edwards - Audit Partner, Head of Leisure & Hospitality, BDO LLP

James Welch - Corporate Tax Partner, BDO LLP

Natasha Patel - Tax Director, BDO LLP

Jacqui Roberts - Employment Tax Associate Director, BDO LLP

Martyne Pearson - VAT Partner, BDO LLP

BDO Slides Finance Breakfast June 2023.jpg

17th May 2023 | Addressing the Risks and Challenges of Remote Payments in Hospitality

Listen to hoteliers and expert payment leaders discuss the risks and challenges of remote payments and how innovation can reduce risk, costs and protect margins. This webinar is brought to you by HOSPA and Prommt and includes experts from The Strand Palace Hotel, Euronet and Freedompay.

The panel included:

Jane Pendlebury - CEO, HOSPA

Adam Ball - COO, Prommt

Orla Moriarty - Strand Palace Hotel

Zara Shepherd - Euronet

Barry Stearn - Freedom Pay

26th April 2023 | Innovative Tech to Maximise Your Event Sales Opportunity

An insightful panel discussion discussing the importance of marketing and technology, to ensure the guest / meeting planner's journey remains simple, effective and straightforward. Panellists discuss how to inject new dynamism using technology to improve internal processes and transform your operations for the better. The webinar reviewed the practicalities of measuring results against your competitive set.

The panel included:

Jane Pendlebury - CEO, HOSPA

Ciara Crossan - Founder & CEO, WedPro by WeddingDates

Feray Özcan - Senior Business Development Manager, AllSeated

Peter Heath - MD, Venue Performance Ltd

12th December 2022 | Infor SunSystems - Not just for the big boys

An online masterclass with HOSPA's CEO Jane Pendlebury in conversation with Calum McIndoe. There are a multitude of financial systems available on the market but do they truly understand the specifics of how we operate in our unique Hospitality industry? This masterclass discusses how this solution can help you see the data you need to address the challenges we face in hospitality.

The panel included:

Jane Pendlebury - CEO, HOSPA

Calum McIndoe - Infor

3rd November 2022 | Automation, Efficiency and Time-Saving in Your Finance Team Webinar

HOSPA’s CEO Jane Pendlebury, Percipient's Laurie Stanwick and Jo Fuller and Tom Haley from The Other House present an informative webinar regarding automation, efficiency and time-saving in your finance team.

The panel included:

Jane Pendlebury - CEO, HOSPA

Laurie Stanwick and Jo Fuller - Percipient
Tom Haley - The Other House

6th July 2022 | Customer Experience Management & The Art of Creating the Perfect Stay

Guests aren’t just heads in beds! HOSPA’s CEO Jane Pendlebury moderates a lively Q&A session with Medallia’s Geoff  Ryskamp and Travelodge’s Laura Gravellino. Geoff and Laura share ways they are bringing the magic back to hospitality through thoughtful experience management. Whether you are just getting started with guest feedback or looking to take your experience programme to the next level, this session has all the information you need.

The panel included:

Jane Pendlebury - CEO, HOSPA

Geoff Ryskamp - Head of Hospitality, Medallia
Laura Gravellino - Head of Customer Experience, Travelodge

9th June 2022 | HOSPA BDO Annual Finance Update

In this joint HOSPA/BDO Annual Finance Update our Leisure and Hospitality team provide an update on the current finance situation with lots of useful hints and tips for the sector: 


Robert Barnard, BDO Partner - Hospitality Industry Update


James Welch, BDO Partner - Corporate Tax Update


Jacqui Roberts, BDO Associate Director - Employment Tax Update


Martyne Pearson, BDO Director - VAT Update


Sarah Rayment, BDO Partner - Business Restructuring Update


Mark Edwards, BDO Partner- Audit Update

21st April 2021 | HOSPA & ICAEW


Over the last 12 months, the hospitality sector has been impacted enormously by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Review of issues affecting hotel values:


  • Performance

    • demand and supply

    • profitability

    • cash flow

    • recovery expectations

  • How hotels are valued

    • Influence on hotel values

 The good, the bad and the ugly – a review of recent case studies


  • Good vs. poor borrowers, and what factors did in each experience.

  • Guidance to avoid falling out with your lender.

The panel included:

Jane Pendlebury - CEO, HOSPA

Russell Kett –  Chairman, London, HVS

Bob Silk - Relationship Director, Hospitality & Leisure Team​, Barclays Bank PLC

Screenshot 2021-07-06 at 11.31.36.png

19th March 2021 | 2021 Trends & Challenges: How does your revenue management stack up in 2021? (EU edition)

As a result of ongoing unpredictability, revenue management must be treated as a core business element, with a data-driven system that can fully optimise revenue performance. Historical data and booking patterns are a thing of the past, replaced with real-time analytics and rational algorithms to deliver accurate pricing strategies.

The panel included:

Jane Pendlebury - CEO, HOSPA

Zen Valli - Senior VP of Sales & Marketing UK/EU at RMS Cloud

Marvin Speh - Co-founder of RoomPriceGenie

Clément Auffan - Head of Sales at Pace Revenue

26th August 2020 | HOSPA + Criton: Hotel Tech during COVID-19 and New Guest Expectations

Jane Pendlebury will discuss how the Coronavirus Pandemic has changed guest expectations of technology forever with Julie Grieve from Criton and Richard Harrison from Coombe Abbey Hotel.
The panel included:

(JP) Jane Pendlebury - CEO, HOSPA

(JG) Julie Grieve - Criton

(RH) Richard Harrison - Coombe Abbey

6th August 2020 | HOSPA + Profitroom: How to get guests into your hotel, More bookings more profitability

The unpredictable outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has left hospitality businesses around the world struggling to generate income. However, central to any hotel recovery plan should be developing a direct booking strategy.
The panel included:

(JP) Jane Pendlebury - CEO, HOSPA

(SW) Samantha Williams - Market Lead, Profitroom 

(SB) Samantha Bailey -  Sales, Marketing and Fundraising Commercial Director at Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve

(TK) Tony Kelly - Managing Director at Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve.

29th July 2020 | Coronavirus: Key measures for the Hospitality Industry. What do they mean for your business?

Few of us could have anticipated the effects Covid-19 would have on our personal and professional worlds even as lockdown commenced back in March. Whilst the situation has been challenging for the hospitality sector, not all experiences have been equal. In the Chancellor’s latest economic statement he laid out a number of measures to assist the sector. But what do these mean for your business in practical terms?
The panel included:

(JP) Jane Pendlebury - CEO, HOSPA

(CB) Carolyn Brown - Partner, Employment Legal (RSM)

(GM) Greg Moreton - Head of Debt Advisory (RSM)

(PH) Philip Munn - Partner, VAT Services (RSM)

22nd July 2020 | Can hospitality deliver a human touch in a contactless world?

As hoteliers continue to work towards recovery, we explore how guest-centric strategies can allow you to remain socially distant but keep emotionally close to your guests. We discuss how technology can help.
The panel included:

(JP) Jane Pendlebury - CEO, HOSPA

(TG) Tristan Gadsby - CEO of Alliants

​(AP) Andrew Pirret - VP of Product at Alliance

(TR) Tom Rimmer - Director of Technology for Ennismore

(AR) Alan O'Riordan - Co-Founder of Apaleo

24th June 2020 | Hospitality Recovery : Is trust the new loyalty?  Hosted by HOSPA, Amadeus and the Institute of Hospitality

As we begin to understand what the post-COVID world looks like, one thing is for certain: the needs of future travellers have changed. Health and safety will be top of mind when it comes to booking accommodation, and procedures to ease these concerns will ultimately make or break a guest’s experience.
The panel included:

(JP) Jane Pendlebury - CEO, HOSPA

(MH) Michael Heyward - Managing Director of Heyward Hospitality

(DO) Duncan Osborn - Regions Vice President for the UK & Ireland, Hospitality at Amadeus

(PD) Peter Ducker FIH, Chief Executive of the Institute of Hospitality

17th June 2020 | Could re-opening too early be worse than being closed?

An Asset Manager, a Revenue Manager, and the profit intelligence company Hotstats discuss what to consider when deciding when and what to reopen. How do you measure success?
The panel included:

(JP) Jane Pendlebury - CEO, HOSPA

(MH) Michael Heyward - Managing Director of Heyward Hospitality

(MG) Michael Grove - Managing Director EMEA, of Hotstats

(DB) David Bridge - Head of HOSPA’s Asset Management community

11th June 2020 | FINANCE UPDATE - Hosted by HOSPA and BDO

Joint webinar with BDO, sharing an update on the current financial situation during COVID-19
The panel included:

Jane Pendlebury - CEO, HOSPA

Robert Barnard, Partner, Hospitality Consulting – State of the nation & high-level expectations

Mark Edwards, Partner, Audit - Accounting & audit update

Jon Claypole, Partner, Taxation – Tax overview update

Katy Rabindran, Director, Taxation – R&D & potential claims for innovation

Martyne Pearson, Director, VAT – VAT changes & considerations

Ryan Grant, Partner, Business Restructuring – The market conditions & business sentiment

3rd June 2020 | HOSPA Legal Update - Furlough, Employee Rights, Redundancy Risks

​The rapidly changing landscape and Government grants will be explained by our expert - Emma O'Connor. This will be an interactive session, so please send in questions to or ask live on the day!

The panel included:

Jane Pendlebury - CEO, HOSPA

Emma O’Connor - Head of Training, Boyes Turner LLP

27th May 2020 | The Hospitality Industry is Getting

Ready - Are Our Guests Doing The Same?

​As the hospitality industry gears up for re-opening - are we sure our staff will be happy to come to work? Will local neighbourhoods welcome visitors? Would guests prefer to stay in a hotel or a rental property? Is it worth the cost of re-opening? Get the answer to all these questions based on the research into consumer behaviour from Rare: Consulting's Ben Pask and industry guru Steve Lowy.

The panel included:

Jane Pendlebury - CEO, HOSPA

Ben Pask - MD, Rare Consulting

Steve Lowy - Board member for the Hotel Marketing Association, CEO of Anglo Educational Services + The Residence Apartments (a luxury, serviced apartment brand)

20th May 2020 | Less Contact : More Engagement

The re-opening of hospitality venues is going to take a lot of planning. Many of our sponsors have been investing their time and resources supporting the hospitality industry and will discuss the best methods to ensure employee and guest safety using tools to enable social distancing.

The panel included:

Jane Pendlebury - CEO, HOSPA

Julie Grieve - Criton

Andrew Evans - Keystep

Gareth Hughes - Crave

James Slatter - Agilysys

Peter Willis - Harri

13th May 2020 | Minimising The Wider Impact Of COVID-19 On Your Business

Managing Finances During COVID-19:  While the lockdown continues, the HOSPA board members will be sharing their insights on the effect of COVID-19 on finance in the hospitality sector

The panel included:

Jane Pendlebury - CEO, HOSPA
Rob Maloney - HOSPA Membership Officer, Director at Kerry Robert
Professor Peter Jones MBE - Specialist in strategic management
David Pryde - Head of IT, Strand Palace Hotel
Michael Heyward - Principal of Heyward Hospitality Solutions

6th May 2020 | Managing Finances During COVID-19

HOSPA board members share their insights on the effect of COVID-19 on the hospitality sector and offer advice and tips on minimising the impact on your business.

The panel included:

Bob Silk - Relationship Director, Barclays Bank
David Bridge - Asset Manager
David Nicolson - VP Finance Europe, Jumeirah Group
Jane Pendlebury - CEO, HOSPA
Mark Edwards - BDO Partner, Leisure & Hospitality
Chris Upton - Chairman, HOSPA
Diana Mountain - Treasurer, HOSPA

30th April 2020 | Hotel Revenue Management new challenges and strategies

This webinar was produced in partnership with Infraspeak

The panel included:

Jane Pendlebury - CEO, HOSPA

Olga Sommer - Revenue Management Specialist
Michael Heyward - Managing Director at Heyward Hospitality Solutions

December 3rd, 2018 | Tips & Troncs

HOSPA – the Hospitality Professionals Association, along with a panel at the ICAEW discussed the pros and cons of different practices and the various implications of those practices, sharing their knowledge and experience on dealing with Tips, Gratuities, Service Charges and Troncs in hotels and restaurants.

The panel included:

Jane Pendlebury - CEO, HOSPA
Jon Claypole - Partner, Head of Tax Investigations, Mazars LLP
Andy Hamman - Employment Tax Director, BDO
Peter Davis - Client Service Partner and Managing Director, WMT Troncmaster Services Ltd

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