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A record 19 highly practical and topical ‘HOSPACE 2015 Workshops and Technical Updates’

Unveiled to help delegates put ‘theory into practice’ at HOSPACE 2015.

HOSPACE 2015 – HOSPA’s Annual Conference and Exhibition for Hospitality Finance, Revenue Management, IT and Commerce Professionals on 26 November at Sofitel London Heathrow, Terminal 5 – is the largest and most prestigious annual gathering of like-minded hospitality practitioners in the UK

‘Innovations in analytics and automated revenue management’, ‘Connected Hotels – mobilising the guest and staff experience’, and ‘The Future of Payments in 2020 – how to become more effective and efficient when processing card payments’ are just three of the record 19 highly practical and topical ‘HOSPACE 2015 Workshops and Technical Updates’ on offer to help delegates put ‘theory into practice’ at HOSPACE 2015.

A major highlight at HOSPA’s Annual Conference and Exhibition is its acclaimed ‘Workshops and Technical Updates’ which underpin the issues and themes raised at the one-day event; and the line-up of highly practical and topical ‘HOSPACE 2015 Workshops and Technical Updates’ promises to be the most wide ranging and informative yet for hospitality finance, revenue management and IT professionals (See Notes to Editors for full details).

The subjects will range from: ‘Hotel WiFi – Best Practice and Innovations’, ‘Global hospitality accounting common practices…making sense of the numbers’, and the ‘Pyramid of Needs for Hoteliers’, to ‘The Mobile Guest Journey’, ‘People Science – how breakthroughs in technology can help combat the effect of the National Living Wage’, and ‘Hotel WiFi’ – best practice and Innovations’.

The afternoon 2015 ‘HOSPACE Workshops and Technical Updates’ on 26 November at the Sofitel, London Heathrow, Terminal 5 – all presented by companies and organisations that are specialists in their particular fields – have been designed to enhance Continuing Professional Development (CPD), support and reinforce the points made and issues raised by the one-day event, which includes two 70-minute, in-depth ‘HOSPA Spotlight’ sessions that will be addressing: ‘Hospitality and the Digital Challenge’ – a call to arms to the hospitality industry to embrace digital issues and strategies as intrinsic part of its offering and culture; and ‘The Challenges of effective Inward and Outward Hospitality Management’ – one of the particular challenges and quirks of the hospitality industry and its ownership structures. This will examine how to juggle such diverse concerns as hospitality owners and other stakeholders, guests and staff, fraud, own bookings versus OTAs (Online Travel Agents), and funding.  

The ‘HOSPACE Workshops and Technical Updates’ will be run in three half-hour, afternoon slots at the Conference, so delegates can attend up to three workshops of their choice from a record 19 sessions. In one of the three half-hour time allocations, delegates will have the opportunity to select one from a choice of seven available sessions; whilst in the other two sessions, delegates can choose one from a choice of six.

Commenting on the Workshops and Technical Updates, HOSPA Chief Executive Carl Weldon said: “In line with our key HOSPA objectives of ‘Information, Education and Inspiration’, we are delighted that our popular ‘HOSPACE Workshops and Technical Updates’ will once again prove invaluable in underpinning and complementing the themes and issues examined at HOSPACE 2015. The breadth of this year’s record number of subjects will range from FourteenIP’s workshop on ‘Moving your PBX to The Cloud’, to Infor’s on ‘People Science – how breakthroughs in technology can help combat the effect of the national Living Wage’.

“Indeed, we ourselves at HOSPA will be running a number of the workshops.  Our Head of Professional Development Debra Adams, for instance, will be running a workshop focusing on the latest trends in hotel development, ownership and management – including reference to the latest edition of the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI) and its implications for revenue management. Also, we will be holding our own technology version of ‘Dragons Den’, called ‘HOSPACE Entrepreneurs Den’! In addition, there will be a HOSPA Revenue Management Workshop on ‘Relationship Counselling for Revenue Managers, Financial Controllers and Operators’ – presented by HOSPA Revenue Management Committee Chairman Michael Heyward, Principal of Heyward

Hospitality Solutions; and by HOSPA Revenue Management Committee Vice-Chairman Ally Dombey, Director of Revenue by Design.

 “In short, there should be something of particular interest to everyone in the 2015 ‘HOSPACE Workshops and Technical Updates’, helping delegates to reinforce what they have learnt from the one-day Conference and Exhibition – enhancing their existing knowledge and increasing their industry contacts.” 

HOSPA would like to thank publicly all the companies and organisations, presenting the 2015 ‘HOSPACE Workshops and Technical Updates’, for their invaluable time and support. They include:  HFTP (Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals), FourteenIP, IDeaS, XN Hotel Systems, Samsung, NEC, MLR Networks, Duetto, Infor, Mitel, Oracle Micros, Airangel WiFi, and Barclaycard.

Supporting this major annual industry event will be state-of-the art technology. Delegates, and those unable to attend HOSPACE 2015, can interact on the day with the Conference – to be held at the Sofitel London Heathrow, Terminal 5 – by tweeting on ‘@HOSPATweets’, ‘#HOSPACE’, or ‘#HOSPACE15’. HOSPA has over 15,000 followers on all social media platforms, and the Association would be delighted for industry members to join in the discussions via social media on 26 November.

In addition, HOSPA has created a Delegate Conference App, using the Attendify platform, making HOSPACE 2015 a fully interactive experience – with full delegate information, programme and speaker details, Exhibitor and Sponsor information and Twitter feeds. Delegate interaction will be made possible via the App – plus photos, social media feeds and comments will be displayed on a Samsung Video wall.

Also, there will be six state-of-the-art 4K Samsung screens – strategically located throughout the Conference and Exhibition – giving up-to-the-minute information on the HOSPACE programme and events. The HOSPACE content for the screens has been created by Matt Cole of VISUALAB.

For regularly updated information on HOSPACE 2015, visit the HOSPACE Website at: . For bookings and further details for HOSPACE 2015, contact the HOSPA Membership and Events Office on telephone: +44 (0) 203 418 8196; or email:

For further information:

Jane Pendlebury,

Head of HOSPA Membership and Events Office  

Longdene House


Surrey GU27 2PH

Tel: 0203 418 8196


Dr Julian Demetriadi FIH MTS

Managing Director, CommunicationsPoint

Tel:        01722 238 627     

iPhone: 07585 505309

Notes to Editors:

HOSPACE 2015 Workshops and Technical Updates

Session 1: 14.40 – 15.10

HFTP (Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals)‘USALI  (Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry)  Long and Winding Road’  

This session will provide a brief overview of the changes made in the latest edition of the Uniform System of Accounts as well as insight on how the changes are being implemented and interpreted by major hospitality companies.

FourteenIP'Moving Your PBX to The Cloud'

Large and expensive onsite Telephone systems (PBX) are reaching the end of their life in most hotels.  Guests rarely use in-room hotel phones for anything but room service or concierge inquiries.  However, guests do expect basic phone access and it is often a requirement for emergency services.  Join this session to learn about the benefits, migration strategies and opportunities presented by moving your phone system’s brain to the cloud, while still utilising the handsets already in your hotel rooms

IDeaS ‘Innovations in Analytics and Automated Revenue Management’ This workshop will explore the innovations and new capabilities with analytics behind hospitality revenue management and provide insights on evaluating and selecting the right automation tools in order to maximise hotel’s return on investment (ROI). 

XN Hotel Systems 'The Mobile Guest Journey – A Case Study'

How the guest experience at Kip Hotel Hackney will be about more than just a good night’s sleep

NEC 'Pyramid of Needs for Hoteliers'

Thought leadership from NEC’s Hospitality Director Kees Van Donk.

Without a safe and secure hotel everything stands still - how can NEC assure a safe and secure hotel?Now that safety and security has been guaranteed – what is next?How can we move up the pyramid, towards efficiency, sales and – finally loyalty?

Discover this and how to achieve ‘Smart Hospitality’ with this insightful workshop.


Flypay will explore the current and future expectations of your digital hotel guests

Session 2: 15.10 – 15.40

MLR Networks

Launching Passive Optical Networking - A Revolution in IP Connectivity' 

Join this workshop to learn how hotels are using Passive Optical Networks to provide IP connectivity, whilst reducing energy consumption, increasing floor space and cutting costs. This revolutionary solution uses fibre optic rather than copper cabling to offer a high capacity, secure converged network at a lower cost than traditional methods, removing the need for remote cabinets and comms rooms.  This reduction in space will give you more usable space in your hotel for guests, whilst at the same time lowering your operational expenses and power consumption. During the workshop, we will be talking about how The Berkeley Hotel increased in-room IP services for guests, increasing capacity for IPTV, IP Phones and Internet, without requiring any additional cabinet space or containment for cabling. So, come along and find out how you can be part of the revolution.

Duetto ‘Reclaim the power with Revenue Judo’ - challenged by the growth of third-party intermediaries and the further commoditisation of the hospitality industry brought on by increased transparency, hoteliers are searching for new methods and techniques to overcome rising distribution costs. Even a slight uptick in RevPAR can yield huge gains to the bottom line, but the effort has to start with cultural changes at the top. Innovative companies are leveraging their strengths, restructuring organisation charts and on-property workflows to create a more comprehensive Revenue Strategy that is driving market-share gains.

HOSPA Professional Development This workshop will focus on the latest trends in hotel development, ownership and management including reference to the latest edition of the USALI (Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry) and implications for revenue management. This workshop is suitable for all those seeking an update on current trends and issues in the hotel sector with a financial focus. Debra Adams is Head of Professional Development for arena4finance and for HOSPA. She is an experienced facilitator with extensive experience of developing and delivering finance related courses for international hotel companies, hotel schools, local authorities and universities.


‘People Science - How breakthroughs in technology can help combat the effect of the National Living Wage’

With the introduction of the National Living Wage, the Hospitality sector looks set for a wave of uncertainty, with one investment bank warning. ‘This is likely to “stunt” profits at Hospitality and Leisure companies for years to come, it will take great inventiveness to mitigate its impact’. Could this great inventiveness come from an unexpected direction? – This session will explore the benefits of new People Science Technology, and how it could counter any potential negative impact of the National Living wage.


‘HOSPACE Entrepreneurs Den’

Samsung ‘The Connected Bedroom’

A Demo of the Samsung LINK SINC and REACH in-room TV Solution and Discussing Samsung Wi-Fi Designed for Hotels

Session 3: 16.10 – 16.40

HOSPA Revenue Management

'Relationship Counselling for Revenue Managers, Financial Controllers and Operators.'

Come to the HOSPA Revenue Management workshop with your cost of acquisition (e.g. commission) or distribution problems and Ally Dombey from our HOSPA Revenue Management Committee will work through the issues we all face.

HFTP (Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals)

'Global Hospitality Accounting Common Practices…Making Sense of the Numbers'  

This session reviews the GHACP database, the new data that is now available and also provide examples of how it can be used within the industry.

Mitel'Connected Hotels; Mobilising the Guest and Staff Experience'

Personalising the interaction between guests and staff is critical to driving customer loyalty and operational efficiency. With both guests and staff being mobile within the hotel environment, personalised communications and workflow processes powered by mobile devices will be integral to optimising guest loyalty and feedback. The Mitel cloud will reduce operational expenditure and hotel infrastructure requirements, whilst driving staff and guest application adoption, but this is only the beginning…learn how Mitel is leading the revolution to the mobile cloud and how this will transform the guest experience forever...

Oracle Micros‘Customer Centricity in Hospitality - Turning Leads into Recurring Revenue’

Airangel WiFi‘Hotel WiFi - Best Practice & Innovations’ 

Whether you're opening a new hotel or planning your next infrastructure upgrade, put your guest experience front and centre. With the experience from managing 30,000 hotel rooms, Airangel WiFi share their best practice recommendations along with some insights into whats possible with the next generation of WiFi management platforms.


 ‘HOSPACE Entrepreneurs Den’

Barclaycard‘The future of payments into 2020’ - How to become more effective & efficient when processing card payments


HOSPA (Hospitality Professionals Association for Finance, Revenue Management and IT) is a non-profit educational organisation, formed to bring together those hospitality industry professionals involved in Financial Management, Revenue Management and IT. Not only is HOSPA recognised as the UK’s authoritative voice in the hospitality industry on financial management, technical accounting issues, taxation, and hotel valuation, but also as the leading arena for debate on hotel technology developments and issues, and Revenue Management topics, through their prestigious annual HOSPACE Conference and meetings programmes ( . The membership has expanded to nearly 1,100 members. HOSPA – which has provided an industry specific, hospitality focused programme in Financial Management for over 23 years – has recently introduced a similar programme for Revenue Management. HOSPA is on all major Social media channels especially Twitter on @HOSPATweets

For more information, visit:


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