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Are you engineered for growth?

Are you engineered for growth?

The role of technology in hospitality is experiencing a significant shift. Technological advances are changing both the expectations of guests as well as the way in which hospitality businesses work. Those who fail to adapt, put themselves at the risk of being left behind.

Organisations need to adapt with evolving trends and identify solutions that add real value whilst also future-proofing their investments. From chatbots and artificial intelligence, to cloud and IoT connectivity, virtual reality, augmented reality and robots, the need to tailor the use of smart technology is compelling.

Making use of technology is more important than ever before if hoteliers want to remain competitive, improve operations and offer outstanding guest experiences.

Industry Challenges

Today, hospitality businesses are a spiderweb of software solutions as many operators find they have outgrown their cumbersome and inflexible management systems. In addition to dealing with archaic processes, one of the key challenges hoteliers and hospitality professionals face is the integration of their legacy systems with new technological developments.

Many hotels are now multi-purpose venues including spa and leisure facilities, restaurants and bars; as well as playing host to conferences, weddings and other catered events. The use of multiple management systems teamed with the multi-sector nature of the industry can create complicated reporting structures for larger and international organisations.

These issues, coupled with the ongoing pressures to build customer loyalty, reduce margins and stay one step ahead of the competition, makes it unacceptable for internal management systems to become redundant and for data to go unmanaged.

Investing in Growth

Success is a matter of knowing your business in order to make the right decisions, at the right times. To achieve this you need the right tools, that are engineered to adapt with your growing needs. Modern cloud-based ERP solutions provide an advanced functionality that can help you to tackle these issues head on.

Investment in a robust enterprise management system will provide a meaningful 360o view of your business activities that can help you to learn from your historical data whilst also providing the benefit of real-time, actionable insights.

Cloud ERP integrates multiple business activities into one system that serves everyone's needs and optimises your business processes. With a single operational view of your business you’ll gain a deeper, understanding of your back office functions, allowing you to report, plan and forecast both insightfully and accurately.

What to look for when choosing an Enterprise Management solution:

Complete integration - can the solution integrate with existing data sources to provide the business wide insights that you need to succeed?Easy to interpret dashboards - does the solution provide dynamic, enterprise ready dashboards so you can hit the ground running with meaningful data?Self-service reporting functions - can you easily gather and create reports without the need for technical skills and third party input?Access on the go - can it align and improve your workflow with real-time access to data at any time, on any device?Compliance - does the solution ensure you’re compliant with industry standards as well as future-proof your business against new legislations such as Making Tax Digital (MTD)?

Tackling the Challenges Head On

Percipient are a specialist provider of Sage Enterprise Management, a cloud-based ERP system that can tackle hospitality challenges head on.

Based on the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI), the Percipient Sage Enterprise Management solution has been adopted by many leading hospitality brands looking to put finance at the centre of their operations.

The modern, intuitive and scalable system from Percipient, can be easily integrated into your existing operations to enhance business management and encourage growth, whilst also ensuring complete compliance to industry and international regulations.

Gaining a clear and accurate view of your customer’s journey, from the moment a booking is taken to the time your guests leave, gives you a valuable insight into their experience with your business and how or where their journey can be improved.

For more information on Percipient or the use of Sage Enterprise Management for hospitality, visit


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