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Are you Guest Ready?

Despite it being a challenging time for the Hospitality vertical for the last 12 months, there is finally a shining light in the form of the Vaccine. The coming months are going to continue to be challenging however with networks being left static for so long, we need to start thinking about preparing for guests to return in March.

The Support

Being very conscious that there are a large number of IT employees on furlough, my technical resource (Deep Johal) and I are offering to come to site to test your network on your behalf. There is no cost associated with this and we will understand network health and performance for WLAN, LAN, and WAN.

The aim is to help diagnose, troubleshoot, and detect underlying anomalies which can help you resolve issues before they arise. We can also validate SLAs by testing connectivity to services like print and cloud storage.

The outcome of this activity will be to provide a report where you can understand whether changes need to be made to ensure that your guests have a faultless experience on their first day back in your venue. We will also leave you with a piece of technology so that you can continue to monitor your network as guest numbers increase.

The Plan

We are aiming to be able to start testing as soon as lockdown ends in February and extending the offer to come to your hotel and large public venue locations through the months of March & April.

If this is of interest, feel free to contact me via the below;

David Woodward, Aruba UK Hospitality

M: 07387258454 | E:


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