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Expert panel announced for first ever in-depth 70-minute ‘HOSPA Spotlight’

On ‘Data Insights Revolution’ at HOSPACE 2014

The names of the experts to discuss, explore and illustrate ‘How the hospitality industry can get the most from the data insights revolution’ – the subject of the very first in-depth, 70-minute ‘HOSPA Spotlight’ session at HOSPACE 2014 – have been announced.

The top line-up of ‘information insights’ specialists, dealing with the hospitality industry, will all discuss how to gather and use data more effectively. The panellists are:

  • Michael Heyward, Director, Hotel Performance Support Europe, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)

  • Business intelligence specialist Samir Sharma, Chief Executive of datazuum – which enables companies to turn data into valuable insights

  • Isabelle Pinson, Senior Director of Market Management for Northern Europe, Expedia Lodging Partner Services

  • Peter Martin, Vice President, CGA Peach (provider of unique research, analysis, insight and market access in the UK eating-out and drinking-out market) who is a leading commentator on this sector of the UK hospitality industry, and Vice-President of the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR), the licensed retail trade organisation

  • Paul Squires, UK Wireless Manager, Hewlett-Packard (HP)

Skilfully chairing the session will be:

  • Michael Prager, non-executive Chairman of Optimal Monitoring Limited & Hospitality Pro, and formerly Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Hilton Worldwide. He is also a former Vice President – Sales, Planning & Development, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG).

The ‘Data Insights Revolution’ – the subject of the very first 70-minute, in-depth ‘HOSPA Spotlight’ – will address one of the biggest challenges currently facing hospitality finance, revenue management and IT practitioners; and will provide the focal point for the morning discussions at HOSPACE 2014. It has been designed to help HOSPACE delegates understand, and benefit from, insights from key players in this market, as well as HP – one of the largest players in Big Data analytics and Retail. This will enhance the ‘HOSPA Spotlight’ audience’s comprehension of the value of investing in, and applying efforts to, their own information and data.

The panel will discuss the real life examples of their experiences to illustrate the value that can be gained from delegates’ own business assets. Revenue managers will be seeking out guest behaviours, in terms of booking and spend patterns, whereas finance managers may be looking to their data for researching trends and information primarily on ‘cost’ behaviour. This is an area where OTAs, airlines and supermarkets have traditionally led the way in customer relationship management and loyalty schemes.

“The ‘HOSPA Spotlight’ sessions will be supported by the latest cutting-edge, interactive technology to ensure full delegate participation – including voting on issues raised,” said HOSPA Chief Executive Carl Weldon. “HOSPA Spotlights are an extremely exciting HOSPACE innovation as they will enable delegates to explore every facet of the biggest issues and developments, presently affecting hospitality finance, revenue management and IT.”

The focal point of HOSPACE 2014’s afternoon sessions will be a second in-depth, 70-minute ‘HOSPA Spotlight’, which this time will be shone on ‘Hospitality cures for sleepless night anxieties – from fraud and PCI compliance, to OTA commissions, purchasing technology and a new challenge: trading coming OUT of a recession!’


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