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HOSPA CEO Jane Pendlebury looks ahead to HOSPACE

August is a funny month for business. So many people are away (I'm writing this from a boat on the Norfolk Broads) meaning that it's hard to get any project completed and yet those working - as I was last week - are determined to clear some of the backlog whilst ringing phones and emails are less abundant. Hopefully we can all start September with clearer desks and shorter to-do lists.

September will mean changes for my colleague Jenny. Many of you will have spoken or exchanged emails with Jenny over the last two and a half years. Lots of you will have been greeted at members meetings and welcomed to HOSPACE with her smiling face. But, the time has come for her to move on. Jenny has a new and exciting opportunity at an agency in London and the whole HOSPA team wish her well and thank her for her contribution to HOSPA's success over the last couple of years. Jenny's sister Suzie has recently graduated from university and she is stepping in on a short term, full time contract to fill the gap whilst a full time replacement for Jenny is found. The other team members in the offices remain the same.

There are two main HOSPA offices. One in Haslemere, Surrey and the second in Wimborne, Dorset. The Haslemere office leads on the membership and events whilst Wimborne takes responsibility for all of HOSPA's Professional Development. We have recently upgraded all of our key systems into the cloud meaning that we are now no longer reliant on some rather dated methods of communication. Thank goodness! Our new membership database should result in us being able to hold more accurate information on our members enabling us to send  more relevant news to each of you. In the coming weeks you will receive a request from us to define your main areas of interest from our three main communities: Finance, Technology, Revenue Management plus of course our newest membership category from the Hotel Marketing Association. Please do find the time to respond!

The bookings for HOSPACE 2016 on November 10th are coming along well with the exhibition almost full and the entrepreneurial section having been increased to deal with the demand. If you are a hotelier wishing to attend - please book soon to take advantage of our early bird rate of less than £100 for the day.

One of the discussion topics at HOSPACE this year will be on the subject of sustainability. Whilst not wanting to give too much away, I recently learned that we have overgrown our planet by 156% of the earth's bio capacity.

However, on the flip side, recycling a single aluminium can  can operate a TV or computer for up to three hours whilst a six-pack could save enough energy to drive a car for five miles. That same single can takes 90 years to bio-degrade. Hotels are getting better and better at being green through recycling and linen re-use programmes and it is now not uncommon to find 'Green Policies' freely available to staff and guests. Many hotels throughout the countryside are keeping bees, but also in city centres - such as London - notably Red Carnation's Chesterfield Hotel and The Lancaster London. 


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