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BT is the leading provider of guest wi-fi in the UK, delivering a high quality, trusted and innovative service. We lead the way in high speed, reliable wi-fi and have a range of different solutions tailored to our customer’s needs. Guests expect a fast and secure connection wherever they go and partners require hassle-free and cost-effective wi-fi that can also deliver additional value to their business. We are focused on operating successful, sustainable solutions where we can invest to add value and really engage with users through their online behaviour.


We project manage the installation of the network, the kit and the internet connection, making sure there’s no disruptions to your employees or guests. We then pro-actively manage the network throughout the contract with 24-7-365 support from our UK based Network Operating Centre and Helpdesk. We provide data analytics to give insight into guest behaviour to provide added value beyond the standard delivery of BT Wi-Fi.


Our insight-rich portal allows partners to understand customers’ wi-fi usage to tailor marketing communications, offer promotions and deliver business goals. Our Insight and Engagement portal goes beyond a standard wi-fi solution and allows a completely bespoke and unique service journey to the customer, whilst also benefiting your business.


As well as all of this, we also offer a team to support you and provide in-life account management, specifically tailored to your business, to ensure you get the most out of your BT Wi-Fi solution.

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