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Only A Pavement Away

Only a Pavement Away (OAPA) is a charity set up to help the homeless, ex-service personnel, ex-offenders and the more vulnerable into employment and reintegrate back into society. 

OAPA seeks to provide a gateway for these individuals to get into employment, receive support, training and guidance to rebuild their lives, confidence and self worth. 


OAPA takes a preventative approach in looking to assist some of the more vulnerable and disadvantaged groups within our communities, working closely with End Youth Homelessness and the Youth Sport Trust. 

The combination of passion and a desire to help, together with a wealth of knowledge and experience from those involved with hospitality industry and the charity world, brought to life a project that can help thousands of people into work and aid Government in achieving its target to halve homelessness by 2022.

The gateway now created for the homeless, ex-service personnel and ex-offenders aims to enable a smooth transition into employment, removing the potential to slip into a downward spiral of loss of dignity and self-worth. The monies raised by OAPA help fund a comprehensive support package for those returning to work. We believe everyone deserves a chance to build a career and our people-focused industry can offer many of those who are struggling the lifeline they are looking for.

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