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Guests drawn to pub stays

Enthusiasm for pub stays has grown, driven by a search for value, according to research from accommodation specialist Stay in a Pub. The research found that:

  • 60% of consumers who took part in the research claimed that the main reason to stay in a pub is that it represents good value for money.

  • 59% of those who have not stayed in a pub before said they would consider it if they knew where to look.

  • 60% of those who have stayed in a pub in the last 24 months say that they prefer a pub stay versus other types of accommodation for the same spend and location, compared to 53% in 2019.

  • 90% said that the pub’s own website positively influenced their decision to book, although 51% ultimately book through a third party.

  • 94% said that customer reviews have a role to play in their decision-making process, compared to just 50% in 2019.

  • 79% said that official ratings and accreditations are also important, but only 31% of surveyed operators have them.

  • 59% of operators said that they are expecting growth in accommodation revenue, and 62% are planning room refurbishments in the next 12 months.

Paul Nunny, founder of Stay in a Pub, said: “The purpose of the research was to further understand the UK stay market, inform the sector, and drive ongoing strategic development.

“When asked the main reason for choosing to stay in a pub, 60% of consumers claimed that value for money was the reason, 47% said the character of the buildings, and 44% the atmosphere. In the 2019 Pub Accommodation Report, 90% of consumers said that they would choose pub accommodation over alternatives because they thought it was cheaper.”

Jenn Knott, senior consumer research manager at CGA by NIQ, said: “Wider CGA research confirms that consumers don’t equate value for money as the ‘cheap’ option, but something that is high quality and worth the cost, indicating that investment in accommodation quality has led to a shift in consumer perception.

“The 2023 research found that 59% of people who haven’t stayed in a pub said they are likely to do so in the future, but many said they don’t know where to look.”

Sophie Braybrooke, chief executive of Stay in a Pub, said: “This demonstrates the need for sites like Stay in a Pub that exist to support the sector and champion pub stays. Promoting the reasons to stay in a pub through consumer brand and search marketing campaigns drives quality traffic to our website and therefore to the pubs listed.

“These referrals, an average of 50,000 per month — are potential customers who are specifically looking to stay in a pub — supporting direct book and customer acquisition strategies.

“The research also showed that 60% of people who have stayed in a pub in the last 24 months say that they would prefer a pub stay versus other types of accommodation for the same spend and location.”

Braybrooke added: “Once people try it, they see the benefits of staying in a pub and are very likely to visit again.”


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