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Horwood House Hotel sees online bookings double since working with Net Affinity

We recently sat down with Karim Kassam and Caroline Morrone from Horwood House Hotel, in Milton Keynes, UK to ask them about what it’s been like to work with us. 

Karim, Hotel Owner, said; "It's been fantastic, we have regular calls with them, so if there are any issues or questions, or we need clarification, Julie is our first port of contact. It doesn't feel like you are talking to customer services, it's someone who is part of the team "

He continues; "Our online bookings have doubled in quantity, the number of room nights has doubled, revenue has probably gone up a bit more than double because our average room rate has gone up over the same period."

Caroline, General Manager at Horwood House said; "They are real experts in their field. They really know our business, they understand it and they understand where we are coming from."

Watch the full video case study here for more information.


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