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How connectivity is driving the future of the hospitality industry

Over the past decade, a dramatic increase in the numbers of devices has transformed the entire hospitality sector. Guests now enter venues with a whole host of smart devices like mobiles, tablets, laptops, and even watches — and they expect a five-star Wi-Fi experience. Most customers won’t notice when it’s going right. But they will certainly notice when it’s going wrong.

“Reliable Wi-Fi has become crucial. If you need to get all your guests to the front desk immediately, just turn off Wi-Fi.” – Markus Mayrl, Aruba Hospitality Portfolio Manager EMEA.

Connecting digital-first demands

Guests are also so accustomed to safety-conscious contactless experiences, hyper-personalized engagement, and digital interactions that they often only notice them when they’re not there. To meet, or exceed, expectations hospitality organizations have had to get up to speed, fast.

From 300-acre campsites to 60,000 capacity stadiums – regardless of size or location – keeping business booming requires a seamless, secure, and reliable network solution.

Connecting seamless experiences

But many hospitality businesses are still working with older, outdated networks that aren't as reliable or secure — and are struggling to keep up with new technologies and bandwidth demands. With connectivity driving the future of hospitality, upgrading to a modern networking infrastructure can better prepare businesses.

So, what does having a modern network mean? It’s not just about upgrading to newer infrastructure. It’s about building a more flexible network foundation that enables connectivity at scale, security, automation, and the agility to adapt as needs change.

With this type of network infrastructure in place, hospitality organizations can offer so much more than fast and secure Wi-Fi. They can power new technologies and experiences, like keyless door locks, pre-ordering drinks via an app at a packed arena, and digital navigation services that get people where they need to be.

“In the past, it was about Wi-Fi for guests only. Now we connect everything, our access points have become gateways to a new dimension.” – Markus Mayrl, Aruba Hospitality Portfolio Manager EMEA.

But the reward isn’t just one way. A truly modern network infrastructure should work for you too.

Connecting better business outcomes

Progressive business owners have realized that providing enhanced digital experiences makes them stand out in a very competitive market.

Having a network that gives real-time insights into guest activity and user experience, is opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

Knowing where and when guests spend their time allows organizations to offer more relevant and targeted deals. This responsiveness not only creates more business opportunities in the moment but also enables venues to fine-tune plans for future events and activities. The impact on guest experience overall is a key driver for encouraging repeat bookings and attracting new customers.

“Excellence is about offering experiences at the right time and at the right location/place. This can be enabled with the right solutions.” – Markus Mayrl, Aruba Hospitality Portfolio Manager EMEA.

Better digital experiences make things simpler and faster for hospitality staff too. With a modern network solution, they’re able to work more efficiently supported by services like asset tracking to find equipment faster, reliable roaming to attend to guests untethered, and real-time updates on data like check-out status to know when rooms are free to clean.

It's clear to see that a modern network infrastructure is affording modern-thinking businesses new opportunities and better financial outcomes too.

Connecting smarter ways of working

Just how easy is it to work with such an advanced network solution?

It’s well known that hospitality staff do an enormous amount behind the scenes to give guests a memorable time. To allow them to stay focused on other priorities, managing the network should be simple and worry-free.

“Good technology solutions simplify life rather than complicate it. We give time back to you for what matters most – your guests!” – Markus Mayrl, Aruba Hospitality Portfolio Manager EMEA.

Thanks to modern networking innovations, managing the network is getting simpler and smarter. Using things like cloud technology, various locations can all be managed by one central IT team, without the need for dedicated on-site IT staff. New security frameworks can automatically check and secure every new device. Managed network services can hand the running of the network over to someone else. And artificial intelligence can find Wi-Fi problems and recommend fixes for you, before guests even notice.

Imagine the possibilities of a network that drives and heals itself.

Connecting for the future

Bringing technology, people, and devices together in new ways can make amazing things happen.

A dramatic change in the behaviours and expectations of guests has pushed the hospitality industry down a path of unprecedented digital transformation and placed the network at the centre of the guest experience.

We’re about to see a trend in the success of organizations who have not only built better infrastructures for the sake of their guests, but who have also embraced the opportunities for their own evolution.

Business adapts. Your network should too.

Connecting what matters most in hospitality

Find out why hotels, stadiums and convention centres are connecting with Aruba for stronger, smarter networks.


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