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Mews Hospitality Insights: What's in Store for ’24?

From the rise of AI to a drop in mid-week demand, hoteliers worldwide have gone through yet another head-spinning year.

Join Mews Hospitality Insights to reflect on the year we’ve had and get a head start on hospitality on 24’. In these end-of-year sessions happening on December 6 and 12, some of the industry’s smartest thinkers will assess 2023 and look ahead to how the coming year is shaping up.

Forward-thinkers from Microsoft, Generator, Lamington Group, Deloitte, Forbes and more will tackle customer experience, AI innovation, data and operational trends. The only thing missing is you.

Get a head start on hospitality in 2024

With digital sessions across two days, there’s plenty to get your teeth (and brain) stuck into. Here are some of the topics we’ll be tackling, giving you a blueprint for your 2024 efforts.

1. Customer experience

Today's travelers are not just looking for a place to stay or a meal to eat; they crave memorable experiences. That is why modern hoteliers are increasingly investing in personalized services, from tailored recommendations to unique room amenities. The rise of social media has amplified the importance of positive customer experiences, as guests share their adventures online.

In an industry where word-of-mouth can make or break a business, delivering exceptional customer experience is a strategic imperative. Trends show a shift towards seamless digital interactions, contactless services, and the integration of technology to enhance the overall guest journey.

2. AI innovation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping hospitality at breakneck speed. From chatbots that handle reservations and inquiries to predictive analytics that optimize pricing strategies, AI is becoming the behind-the-scenes maestro of the industry. We’re also seeing new solutions that streamline operations and enhance guest satisfaction. Robotic concierges, smart room controls, and facial recognition for check-ins are just the beginning.

AI is not only improving efficiency but also enabling a more personalized service. Our industry is witnessing a trend where AI is seamlessly integrated into the guest experience, providing a balance between the efficiency of automation and the warmth of the human touch.

3. Data

Data has become the goldmine of the hospitality industry, providing insights that shape strategies and fuel innovation. With the advent of big data analytics, hoteliers can now understand guest preferences, track trends and predict market demands. From booking patterns to dining preferences, the data-driven approach allows properties to tailor their offerings, all while enhancing customer satisfaction and driving revenue.

Personalization is key, and data is the compass guiding hospitality professionals to create bespoke experiences. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Our industry is grappling with the challenge of ensuring data security and privacy, striking a delicate balance between personalization and respecting guest boundaries.

4. Operational trends

Operational trends in hospitality are undergoing a major transformation. Sustainability has evolved from a buzzword to a fundamental aspect of operational strategies. Whether it's eco-friendly amenities or waste reduction initiatives, hotels and restaurants are taking steps to minimize their environmental footprint.

Flexibility is another trend, with the rise of hybrid spaces accommodating remote workers, leisure guests and everyone in between. The gig economy is growing strong, with platforms connecting freelance chefs, tour guides, and event planners to hotels seeking specialized services. The emphasis on local experiences is also gaining traction – more and more properties are connecting with their local communities to showcase regional culture and cuisine.

Enjoy two days of hospitality insights from leading industry experts

We’ll cover all these topics with some of the most innovative industry experts during Mews Hospitality Insights. Join us on a deep dive into trends and insights as we explore what worked in 2023 and where the industry is going in 2024.

Each one-on-one session will take 20 minutes, so we can really get into a topic.

Meet the speakers on December 6:

  • Introduction: Matt Welle (CEO at Mews) and Leah Anathan (CMO at Mews)

  • David Henning (CEO at Big Mama Hotels)

  • Stuart Godwin (Managing Director at Lamington)

  • Claudia Meglin (Director of Operations Systems at Generator / Freehand)

  • Kashif Mahmood (Hospitality Technology HOD at NHL Stenden)

  • Shane O'Flaherty (Global Director of Travel and Transportation at Microsoft)

Meet the speakers on December 12:

  • Introduction: Richard Valtr (Founder at Mews) and Adam Britton (Group Product Manager at Mews)

  • Joanne Dreyfus (Leader of Transportation, Hospitality and Services at Deloitte)

  • Stuart Greif (Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy, Innovation & Operating Officer at Forbes Travel)

  • Del Ross (Senior Advisor at McKinsey and Company)

  • Jordan Hollander (Founder at Hotel Tech Report)


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