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Paving the Way for Voice-activated solutions in Hospitality

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Voice-activated solutions in the hospitality industry hold the potential to revolutionise customer experiences, streamline operations, and enhance convenience. As voice recognition technology continues to advance, businesses within the hospitality sector, including hotels, restaurants, and travel services, can benefit in many ways from implementing payment systems into the overall experience.

Collaborating with cutting-edge businesses, products, and institutions, technology consultancy, The Digital Line (TDL) not only offers a full range of professional services to help companies in various industries create their plans for upcoming technological endeavours, but also support the deployment of critical projects in a more creative and cost-effective manner.

TDL enables voice-controlled smart functionalities and customises Amazon Alexa's capabilities to meet the specific needs of the hospitality sector through the unique audico platform that seamlessly integrates into a range of existing systems, with a minimum of fuss, allowing businesses to manage their entire estate using a range of natural vocal instructions.

Here's how the audico platform can pave the way for innovation in the industry whilst improving the guest experience in hospitality.

Checking out – If you want to beat the queues and check out from your room, audico offers a fast, secure, and hassle-free checkout experience, aligning with the evolving expectations of modern travellers seeking seamless and convenient interactions during their stay.

Contactless Payment: audico eliminates the need for physical contact with payment terminals or handling cash, promoting a contactless and hygienic transaction, which is particularly important in situations where health and safety are a concern.

Reduced Language Barriers: Our advanced voice platform can understand multiple languages and accents, reducing potential language barriers for international guests, whilst also offering the option of touch.

Speed and Efficiency: Thanks to TDL’s partnership with Elavon, audico offers ground-breaking capabilities that will boost your business revenue, streamline operations, and enhance customer satisfaction allowing guests to settle their bills without the need for manual input, reducing waiting times and allowing them to depart promptly.

“audico was built from the ground up as a true A.I. platform, quickly grabbing the attention of global acquirer Elavon, with whom we now share a defined partnership, allowing the system to incorporate full, PCI compliant payments,” says CEO George Vaughan.

“Its latest incarnation will see audico provide a fully functioning voice/touch POS via Alexa display devices through to KMS and stock systems in collaboration with other POS partners and even offers NFC throughput to Apple/Google wallet with pass partner, ProntoCX. It has the potential to turn the premium hospitality space on its head by bridging the gap between at home and in-stadium experience – providing rich data without the need for an app.”

Hemlata Narasimhan, Elavon Merchant Services President in Europe, says, “Virtual assistant technology is the future of hospitality, and we’re thrilled to be powering the payments behind audico. This is all about improving the customer experience, and a large part of this is seamless payments. We’re pleased to be partnering with The Digital Line to make this happen.”

Vaughan, says, “This partnership represents a unique opportunity for two recognised brands to collaborate on initiatives that will revolutionise multiple business verticals, including hospitality, venues and health care, delivering a level of digital transformation not seen before.”

As well as improving customer services when checking out, the audico platform can enhance your guests experience in additional ways too:

Enhanced Accessibility: Voice drive solutions cater to a wider range of customers, including those with disabilities or mobility challenges. People who have difficulty using traditional mechanisms can benefit from the simplicity of voice-based transactions.

Voice-Activated Room Services: In hotels, voice payments can be integrated with room service orders, making it easy for guests to order meals and request amenities, without picking up the phone or using other devices. This can also apply to information requests about services such as opening times and locations as well as booking appointments.

Events & Activities – The audico platform can remind guests of any upcoming bookings and let them know of any local activities that may take their interest.

Cleaning - Guests can make requests for cleaning with a simple voice command or ask when the cleaner will be coming next.

Maintenance - If something needs fixing, guests and staff can log a request and the maintenance team will be notified immediately.

Streamlined Loyalty Programmes: Voice payments can be linked to loyalty programs, allowing customers to automatically earn and redeem rewards without the need for physical cards or manual entry.

The Digital Line understands the importance and efficiency audico can offer businesses to enhance the guest experience. This can include audio and visual campaigns to promote merchandise and offers to guests to boost revenue.

You can also gain unique Data Analytics and Insights: audico can gather data on customer preferences and behaviours, which can be analysed to improve offerings, marketing strategies, and operational decisions.

“Voice keeps it simple however, even in a busy, noisy environment where speaking might not be a practical option, audico’s touch capabilities mean that whatever you can ask for you can also “tap” for, thanks to Alexa’s intuitive touch screen displays. And this is where building something from the ground up really starts to show its advantages.” Says, Vaughan, “The platform started with voice and then integrated all the other more common components already available afterwards. It was a case of building the foundational intelligence first rather than trying to layer it on later.

There’s no denying that for some, moving to a voice application might seem like a step outside their comfort zone but it certainly shouldn’t be viewed as alien. People are already using voice regularly at home as well as in other industries. Successful tech is often tech that feels familiar. Giving people a solution in one environment that they already use in their everyday lives keeps it simple but also smart and that can’t be anything if not a good thing.”

For more information regarding The Digital Line, please email us at or contact us here.

In partnership with Elavon Payments


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